Never be looking for validation from other people. If you changed yourself every time someone said something about you, you would be nothing more than a human diaper.

The only people in your life who should prompt change in you are your close friends and family. Feedback should only be listened to in retrospect, and only from people you love and trust.

Strangers know nothing about who you really are. So when they pass judgment on you, they are doing so based on nothing but superficial things.

Think about this the next time you care about what a stranger things about you. Ask yourself, “On what are they basing their opinion, and since they don’t know me why do I even care?”

So many of us spend so much time really just obsessed with other people’s opinions of us. Think about how often you do this.

How many times when a person you’ve approached and with whom you flirted didn’t acknowledge you, did you think “God I must be ugly. I must be a loser. What did I do wrong?”

In life, the only people’s opinions you should care about are those that come from people you respect, know, love and trust. Otherwise you end up becoming a human diaper.

Ever time someone shits on you, you’re going to need to change. That is what a human diaper is: somebody who needs to be changed every day.

“Oh my God, that stranger on the subway didn’t like me. I need to change.” “Oh my God, that person said something mean to me. I need to change.” You’ll be changing your diaper so much, people will start to call you Pampers.

You don’t want to be a human diaper. You want to be someone who respects themselves, and only has a small circle of people whose opinions you respect. The truth is that the only person who can change you, and who should have the power to change or to influence you, is yourself.

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