Ball stompDo you want to know how to find and keep a good man?

Here’s one of the biggest secrets to success with men…

Don’t ever be a ball buster!

It’s one of the main reasons men pull away.

Here’s a great example of what I’m talking about. A guy emailed me the other day. He and his ex-partner share a child together. The ex comes round to his place to drop off the kid, and before she leaves, she starts poking around the place.

She goes into the child’s bedroom and nosing around. She notices the kid’s pillow is on the bed upside down, and the covers are turned back in an unusual way. Before you know it, she starts telling this guy why he’s made the bed all wrong, and how the kid won’t be able to sleep unless it’s changed. The guy explains the bed is like that because he hasn’t finished making it, and she storms off in a huff saying he’s, “Unprepared and lazy!”


I can see why this woman is his ex-partner and not his loving girlfriend/wife!

Do not EVER bust a man’s balls and expect him to love you for it. We hate it when a woman busts our balls and tries to micro-manage everything we do. I used to date a woman who would complain about the way I did the dishes. She’d inspect them and throw any that didn’t meet her standards back in the sink!

What the hell is that about?

There’s nothing wrong with asking a question or opening a conversation about something. “Hey, does little Jack sleep with his covers like this normally?”

Guy replies, “Oh no, I just haven’t finished making the bed yet.”

Conversation over. No arguments, no micro-management, and no ball busting!

When you talk to a guy like a human being you’ll find out what you really want to know, and you won’t piss him off in the process. The second you start nitpicking or critiquing everything he does, he’s just going to pull away and box his way into a corner.

Men enjoy open-ended conversations.  “Hey, can we talk about this?  Hey, I’d like to share my opinion and hear your opinion on this.”

But if you immediately just give your opinion and assume a man is doing something wrong, he’s going to go into a corner, put his dukes up, and start fighting back. Don’t try to control everything. Some modern women have this thing about trying to control everything, and it’s unhealthy. You don’t have to control everything. Let the guy have some control too. Remember, we need to feel wanted and needed. We want a lover, not a Mom!

If you don’t like something a man’s done, ask him about it. Have a conversation about it. Don’t assume the worst all the time, and don’t treat him like a naughty schoolboy. It’s the quickest way to push a man away.

The take away from all this is, communicate!

Ask us questions. Talk about how you feel. Let us know when we’ve done something to upset you. But whatever you do, don’t bust our balls!