Dear David WygantMy mailbox has been busting at the seams lately, but today I’ve pulled out a question people ask me everywhere I go.  It’s from a guy named Ade, and he writes…

“Dear David.

Does she like me or not?

I recently took a girl out on a dinner date. We had a great time. She was laughing and joking all the way through the meal, and appeared to having fun. I was getting positive signs from her. She touched my hand occasionally during the conversation, and even leaned in from time to time as if she was flirting.

Now she’s not returning my calls or emails. I don’t get it. Why make me think she’s having fun with me and interested if she’s not. Do you think she was just being polite and didn’t want to hurt my feelings by telling me she wasn’t interested?  I feel a bit stupid, and like she just used me for a free meal!

David says…

Hi Ade,

“Does she like me? Am I reading the signals wrong? Why won’t she answer my calls?”

You’re not alone on this one.

The trouble is most people are terrified of being honest. People hate the idea of rejecting someone to their face, but I agree with you 100%. It takes a few minutes to send a text or email to tell you, “You’re a nice guy, but I think I’d rather be friends.”

That way you could move on and not bother thinking about her. What I’d suggest you do is send her one more email or message to ask where you stand, and that’s it. If a woman doesn’t answer your calls, don’t keep pestering her.

To be honest, if she doesn’t have the courtesy to send you a quick text she’s not the sort of woman you should bother with anyway. And another bit of advice for you. In future, keep your first dates simple. Just take her for a coffee or drinks. That way you won’t feel like she’s just after a free meal!

Hope that helps!

What about the rest of you?

Anything to add, or have you ever had this kind of experience yourself?