Here’s a loaded question. Does monogamy exist?

Or to put it in a different way, is monogamy actually possible?

I know some of you are thinking right now that your parents have been together for 35 years, or 40 years. Or you have friends who have been married for a long time.

But that doesn’t mean monogamy is working. That doesn’t mean monogamy is really existing.

What I want you to do is think a little bit outside the box right now and go deeper with me.

Does monogamy exist? I’m going to tell you how it exists. It exists when you’ve met and connected with, spectacular.

Spectacular exists. I know because I’ve met her.

I’m at a point in my life where the people I’m meeting, the people I’m connecting with, are truly spectacular people.

My friends are all spectacular people. My daughter is a spectacular little person. I’m surrounded by spectacular people in my life.

You want to know why?

Because I’ve become spectacular. Now I’m not saying that to sound egocentric or cocky. I’ve become a spectacular person because I love who I am and who I’ve become.

So does spectacular monogamy exist? Notice that I’ve put the two words together, and I’ve put them together for a reason.

Does monogamy exist? The answer is absolutely.

It happens when you’ve become the most enlightened, powerful, loving version of yourself. When you’ve embraced your shift, when you’ve looked in the mirror and dug deep into your subconscious.

It happens when you’ve looked at yourself and realized just how flawed you are and you start working on your story. You reformulate your story and go so deep into it that you start to become the most spectacular version of yourself.

Dating becomes a lot different then, because that’s when you start meeting spectacular. You’re not caught, you’re not needy, you’re not thinking about any outcomes.

You’re not experimenting anymore because you’re at a point in your life where you absolutely desire the most high vibrational connection that you can possibly have. The spectacular connection.does-monogamy-exist

When you are spectacular, you will attract spectacular. When you attract spectacular, the sex you will have will be greater than any other sex you’ve ever had.

Spectacular people are always looking to achieve new limits. They are looking for new highs in life, with no limits.

You’re going to meet somebody who’s going to blow you away emotionally, mentally and physically. You’re going to meet your spectacular, high vibrational equal.

When you meet your spectacular high vibrational equal, monogamy is the easiest part of the relationship, because you’re going to get to levels with them that you’ve never been before.

Not only that, you’re going to get to levels with them that you never knew were possible. Maybe in your creative thinking. Maybe in your private moments, alone, when you’re meditating and feeling it, you truly do get to that level with somebody, and you’ve met your spectacular equal.

Monogamy is extremely possible.

When you are spectacular you’re open, authentic, real, and honest. You’re going to meet people like you’ve never met before, and the two of you are going to create a foundation that you’ve never had before.

The two of you are going to create levels of intimacy you’ve never experienced before.

So why would you not believe in monogamy?

Trust me, it’s out there. Spectacular monogamy is out there for you.