Last weekend I was having a debate with somebody.

We were talking about time travel.

I really wanted to shave 10 years off my life and travel back in time.

I wanted to know what it would be like to be 40 with the wisdom of a 50 year old.

Hell, I wanted to actually shave 20 years off and go back in time and be 30 with the wisdom of a 50 year old.

I thought about how would I live my life differently.

Actually, I even went deeper into this fantasy, and I realized…

fuck living my life differently! I would become the biggest psychic in America.

I would travel back in time with my handy MacBook Air and I would “predict” everything that will ever happen over the next 20 years before it even happens.

I would invest in all of the up and coming companies: Nike, Apple, Google, Facebook.

The question is: would I be messing with history? Would I be changing too many things for my own benefit?

And the actual question: can you really time travel at all?

So, we decided we were going to ask people about time travel, and nobody really had a clear definition of it all. Nobody knew exactly how to make it work.

But yet movies have certainly depicted time travel.

It looks fun; it looks exciting.

The Matrix—that was some sort of time traveling wasn’t it?

How the hell does time travel work? I know we’ve got some tech geeks sitting on their computers right now. I am dying to know!

If I look back 20  years, could I still be living in 2012 and 1992? How does that really happen?

I never understood it. So, can somebody please share this with me because this is something that I am dying to find out about.

1. Can time travel actually happen?

2. Come on, do you actually believe that you can time travel?

3. How the hell can you be alive in three different time periods?

. . .

Okay, discuss.