Do you suffer from “this won’t work for me syndrome?” “This won’t work for me syndrome” is where you have list of reasons (or really excuses) why everything that works for others won’t work for you. The truth is that all of those excuses are bull.

I work with so many people who suffer from this syndrome. When I tell them how to do things, they say thing like “This won’t work where I live (or in the town I’m in)” or “This won’t work at my Starbucks” or “This won’t work for me at the gym.”

So ask yourself whether you suffer from “this won’t work for me syndrome.” It’s so funny. I’ve coached people from all over the world — from London to Sweden, to Italy to Vancouver to Michigan — and what I teach works everywhere.

I love when I hear from somebody who writes me and says something like, “Dear David, I live in London. Your principals might work on Americans, but they won’t work on the Brits.” Really? I spend two or three weeks a year in London, and I seem to have a huge social network over there. So it must work over there, because I don’t do anything different than I do here.

I don’t go to London and say, “Now I’m going to put on my London persona.” I don’t book a flight to Detroit tomorrow, and say that I’m going to be a Detroit person when I get there.

“This won’t work for me” is another lame excuse. No matter what reasons follow that statement — whether it’s that you don’t look like me, talk like me or live where I live — they are bull.

What I teach works everywhere and for everyone. Everything I talk about in my Men’s Mastery Series and Become A Master Communicator programs work everywhere and for everyone.

Maybe when you travel to Columbia, they won’t fully understand your sense of humor unless you have a translator or they speak English, but spent two weeks in Columbia and what I teach worked for me there. I have been to the Philippines, and it worked for me there.

So why does it work everywhere for me, but yet I get emails daily from people telling me that it won’t work in the city where they live? My favorite type of email is when someone writes me and says, “I dare you to come here and see if it works.”

Pay for my ticket and pay for my time, and I will prove it. If you think it won’t work for you in your city, pay me for my ticket and my time and if it doesn’t, then I will pay you your money back. I guarantee in the first hour of being together that I will show you not only that it does work in your town, but I will do something so different and outrageous that you’ll think I have performed magic (and yet all I will have done is communicate).

Communication is the key to life. That is what it is. Life is all about communication. Communication works everywhere.

How come little babies can cry and everyone understands what they want? They want to either be held, changed, fed, or rocked. You can figure that stuff out, but you can’t figure out that when a woman in Starbucks winces that maybe she burned herself on a hot cup of coffee. Come on, get out of your head! This will work for you.

The excuses are pathetic. They are lame. I don’t buy into the excuses anymore, nor do I have compassion for them anymore.

I used to have the same excuses you do. I’ve been doing this a long time, and if you suffer from “this won’t work for me syndrome,” my answer to you is BULL.