I wrote a recent blog about fuckation, which is when you’re in a
relationship, you just go and screw each other’s brains out for 48
hours in a random hotel and have a blast. A lot of you got appalled.

For a lot of guys who got mad, it was those who don’t have a
relationship. But everyone reading this has got to realize this blog
and everything else that I teach is not just about meeting people. I’m
prepping you for a future.

It’s great that you come here to learn how to meet the opposite sex
and really work on those skills, but you got to keep them interested.
It’s not just about meeting, it’s about dating, it’s about keeping
them interested. It’s about understanding and crafting a great
relationship. It’s about understanding how to have a great
relationship. So much more about it.

Do You Desire Mean Girls?

But anyway, today I want to talk about acquaintances. You know what
fuckquaintances are? Those are the people you think are your friends,
but they don’t give a fuck about you.

They’re basically acquaintances. We all have them. They could be the
friends of the month, they could be people that you think you’re
friends with, but in reality, so many people that we have in our life
are just acquaintances and just couldn’t give a shit about you. And
it’s something that I think a lot of us need to take inventory.

I believe that when you look at your life, you look at your friends,
and you start to say to yourself, who’s a real friend? Who’s somebody
that I can call when I’m coming into town? Who’s somebody that would
pick me up at the airport? Who are my good friends that I can trust?

Because I think in life we waste so much time on fuckquaintances. So
today, let’s talk about the definition and the real meaning of a real
friend. What would you guys do for a real friend? How far out of the
way would you go for a real friend, and what is the true definition of
friendship to you? Love to hear from all of you.