I think I’m going to change professions. As predicted here on Saturday, the Jets beat the Patriots on Sunday. I think I even predicted they would win by a touchdown (which was what happened).

So not only can I predict the outcome of your dates, I can predict the outcome of football games for you too. Regarding your dates, I predict that most of them probably won’t go really well. That’s not to be negative, but the majority of dates don’t go well.

The Jets are the only team not to allow an offensive touchdown this year. That impresses me. Do you know who impresses me more? Rex Ryan, the Jets’ coach.

So much of life is all about coaching — in football, basketball, baseball . . . and even in dating. Without the right mentor, coach and system in place, you’re never going to get good at anything.

Life is really all about having good systems — good belief systems and good coaching systems. There’s a reason why Bill Belichick makes the Patriots competitive no matter which players they lose. It’s the system he’s put in place. Every player believes in him and believes in being a Patriot.

Life is also all about your mindset. Yesterday I saw a good friend of mine, Dr. Wayne Dyer, speak. I really enjoyed it. Here’s a man who has lived 69 years with the right mindset and belief systems, and he’s accomplished everything in his life that he’s ever wanted.

Without the right mindset, coaching and guidance, people will remain lost. How many of you resist change? How many of you have trouble changing because of your belief system? How many of you fear change, but yet you desire it so much?

Who coaches you through your hard times? To whom do you go for advice?

How honest are you with yourself about the changes that need to be made in your life? Are you someone who repeats the same mistakes over and over again, yet you can’t figure out how to change that pattern?

It’s all about coaching. It’s all about implementing a belief system that can work for you, and a belief system that will still get you to make changes on a daily basis even if things don’t always work out for you.

The reason why the Jets won yesterday, was because they made changes to their game plan at halftime. They came out in the second half, and Mark Sanchez began throwing the ball. They got the lead, and then basically proceeded to shut the Patriots down for the rest of the second half.

How did they do this? They made changes necessary to dictate the flow of the game in their favor.

Can you dictate the flow of your life in your favor? Can you do it even after frustrating things and setbacks happen to you? Can you recover quickly from rejection, or do you allow it to torture you all day long?

When something doesn’t go my way, I recover instantly. I shake it off as any good well-coached person will do.

I don’t allow things to affect me for any longer than they need to affect me. Whatever happens to me affects me in the moment, then I get over it and don’t remember even five minutes later why I was so shaken.

The systems I’m talking about are not some kind of magic system to pick up men or women. It’s about having a belief system. It’s about having the right belief system.

What is your belief system? What changes do you need to make in order to accomplish everything you want?

Wayne said is really well yesterday. He said that we should all spend the last five minutes of each day before we go to sleep imagining how we want the next day to be, imagining how we want our life to be, and imagining how that will feel.

You don’t want to spend the end of your days thinking about what didn’t get done, what you messed up and what you haven’t achieved. By thinking this way, a lot of you are programming yourself to be in a constant state of panic (that begins from the moment you wake up).

So today on this Monday, I challenge all of you to write down all the things you want to change, and how you will feel when you implement those changes.

For those of you who are looking to bet on tonight’s game — because you know I am a master handicapper — the game will be a lot closer than you think. The Colts, however, will squeeze out a win when the Dolphins forget to throw to Ted Ginn.