So I’m laying around doing my exercises. Literally, laying around
doing my exercises next to a woman I’m friends with.

We’re sitting in Egoscue, and I’m working on my back….by the way, it’s feeling much
better. Anyway, she was describing her date from the other night. She
went out with this guy-now listen up, okay, because this is going to
blow you away. This guy was fascinating, interesting, ex-lawyer, a
big-time movie guy. He had a degree in economics, traveled the world,
and studied with monks—one of the most fascinating men in the entire
world. Spoke four languages—daughter was a valedictorian at Yale. I
mean everything was perfect. He talked, and talked, and talked, and
bragged, and talked, and bragged, and talked, and impressed, and then
talked. He was entertaining as can be, but he was what we call the “B”
for bragger.

Granted, she was fascinated by him, but after three and a half hours,
she wanted to go home, crawl into a ball, and go to sleep because she
was so exhausted by him. Only once during the whole three-and-a-half
hour marathon bragging session did he ask her one question about
herself. He said, “So tell me, why did you get divorced?” That was it.
Nothing else about it.

Gentlemen, learn from this experience. Bragging about your
accomplishments, bragging about what you have, bragging about your
kids, bragging about your children’s accomplishments, bragging about
everything about you and not being interested in her is basically
going to send you home to another night at staring at the ceiling,
whittling your own thumbs, and tickling your own nut case. You
basically are a “B” for bragger. “B” guys that basically just brag
about all their accomplishments, and think women are going to be
impressed by it. But in reality, they’re bored by it.

They want to be engaged. That’s not the way to go out on a date. A
date is 50-50. Fifty percent of the time you talk. Fifty percent of
the time they listen. You learn about them half the time, and they
learn about you the other half. It’s not 100 percent bragging about
who you are.

To top it off, this guy was so impressed with what he’s done that he
brought along a documentary about himself, so she could go home and
watch. Isn’t that wonderful? And he’s probably one of those guys that
thinks he had a fantastic date, one of the best dates he’s had in a
long time. Wake up gentlemen. It’s a date.