So when men hang out together, it’s called a mantourage: four or five guys walking around – if you’ve ever seen the TV show Entourage – every man has his version of their own entourage. It’s called a mantourage.

A lot of guys just hang with the same guys every weekend. You’ve seen these mantourages cruise the bars every Friday and Saturday night – usually there’s a group of guys consistently drinking as if drinking were a sport!

They actually plan out their meals – “hey dude, we’ve got to eat pizza at 7:00, start drinking at 8:30, and you don’t want to have that extra slice because the alcohol will kick in faster!”

Living in California, there are lots of mantourages running around. If you’ve ever gone down to Manhattan Beach, there’s mantourages on the beach – they’re usually the group of guys with the keg, hanging out all day long like they are 20 years old again!

But they’re not. Then they go back to their group house that they share in their thirties, and they sit down on the lawn furniture that decorates their living room – they thought that was cool!

So what do women do? Well, women join chickourages!

You know the woman: she’s out with her friends and out comes the digital camera at every moment? “Here it comes… the digital camera!” You never see guys walk around all the time with their digital cameras, saying, “hey, Joe, why don’t you and Jimmy get together right now and we’ll take a picture! This is a great picture moment!”

But women are whipping out that camera non-stop. Everywhere they go. Judy tries on a new dress and here comes the camera. Out for margaritas? Here comes the camera. Out with a group of friends at a bachelorette party? Here comes the camera!

Look at this! We’re in the airport, on the way to Mexico – here comes the camera. On the airplane, when the stewardess spills something – here comes the camera.

That camera comes out everywhere. Women have become documentary filmmakers. They shoot their entire lives. You have to look at every single picture that they have. It’s amazing – every single time, the camera comes out.

Judy tries on a new bathing suit? Out comes the camera. There they are on the beach in Mexico – out comes the camera.

And the funny thing about it is that every woman that you see on either Myspace or Facebook seems like a chronic alcoholic! Every single picture has alcohol in it. Yet these women will write on profiles on dating sites: drink? Hardly ever.

But still there are 75 pictures of them sucking down alcohol. It seems like either they are lying or they really are chronic alcoholics!

But it’s funny with these women and their chickourages. If you go to a woman’s Myspace page, it’s like a visual biography of her entire life! “There I am when I was 15 – oops, there’s a drink in my hand.” “There I was at 19 – there’s a drink in my hand.” “Hey, there I was last week,” and there’s still a drink in her hand. You’d think they’d send them to AA instead of Myspace!

Women have to document everything. The funny thing about it that the women actually send you updates: “I updated my Myspace page today.” And you think, wow, that’s so exciting, why don’t I go look at more pictures of you and your friends? I’d rather see you naked, in the flesh, in front of me then see pictures of you with your chickourage!

Todays podcast dives deeper into the real uses of facebook and my space.

Can you date on them or just become popular.

What you are about to hear is something that facebook or my space never wants to admit.