Do You Desire Change?

Obviously if you are reading my blog, you are inspired to be a more well-rounded man.

You desire change, but the problem with change is that most people find it to be this a huge, daunting task.

First off, let me tell you something, my awesome friend.

You are not broken.

I want you to realize that. You are not broken!

There are things in your life that you want to change and there are things that you want to do. Maybe you want to get better with women, or make more money, or have more friends.

But that doesn’t mean you are broken.

So many people say, ‘I need to be fixed’.

You don’t need to be fixed! You are not a broken down car on the side of the road.

Have any of you owned a classic car?

They are constantly breaking down, overheating. They are broken. But you, my friend, you are not broken.

As a matter of fact, if you and I sat down face-to-face and we talked about the issues you are having, the fears you are having, the things that are not working in your life, I would look at you and tell you – you are not broken. You just need to make some slight adjustments.

Everyone I’ve worked with, whether in coaching or boot camps or seminars, they all came thinking that they were broken in some way. But at the end of the boot camp, with the help of me and my team, we made slight adjustments and they were on a better path.

You are not broken, and you don’t need to be fixed. You need small adjustments.

If you take the mindset that you are broken and that you are not good at something, the words you are telling yourself will become true. Like I’m really not great at meeting women and I need a lot of help.

You are telling yourself that you are a complete mess, that you’re broken.

In reality, you’ve got amazing attributes. You’ve got things that are fantastic and great about you.

You’ve got personality.Desire-for-Change

However, you’ve never had anybody hold your hand and help you make the slight adjustments in order to be great at things. So you think that you need to do many things to get better.

You have this crazy to-do list of all of the things you need to do in order to become better at something. But all you need in order to become great at something is to make some slight adjustments.

I remember when my hips were really tight. They were so tight that when I sat in the car, my back would hurt. No matter how much stretching I did, I just could not seem to loosen up.

Then I hired my trainer, Eddie. He made a few slight adjustments and all of a sudden my hips started opening up. I was able to sit in cars and I’m able to do exercises for my legs that I haven’t been able to do in years.

Slight adjustments!

I had a client who came to me with a problem. He would meet women, but he could never get personal with them. They would never give him their number.

I said getting personal is easy.

We made a slight adjustment to his approach. We came up with a few great stories about him that he could tell in situations that were coming up over and over again.

He started incorporating these stories into his conversations with women, and guess what happened? Through that small slight adjustment he was able to connect deeper with women, and he was no longer getting flaked on.

I want you to change your mindset and I want you to write this down now.

I am not broken.

I just need a few slight adjustments to change the way things are going in my life. 

Think about it. You’re telling yourself that you need some small adjustments. Is there anything really challenging about a small adjustment?

No. It sounds easy doesn’t it.

And that’s how it easy it really is.