I just saw the trailer for the new hangover movie, “The Hangover Part
Two.” I don’t know about how you guys feel about sequels. I think
sequels are great when it comes down to like Star Wars, Lord of the
Rings – trilogy films – Harry Potter, all those films that tell
stories. But to re-formulate the same gags again, but just do it this
time in Bangkok—not funny.

To me, I see comedies that are re-formulated as sequels as basically
trying to have a one-night stand with a woman you’re no longer dating.
The first movie was a relationship. The second movie just doesn’t
work. It’s just not as exciting, not as unpredictable and not as fresh
as it was the first time. Or the other way: Ever try to turn a
one-night stand into a relationship or into a regular booty call? It
just doesn’t work. That’s the reason why they’re called one-night
stands. That’s the reason why movies are called movies. They’re not
called sequels; they’re movies for a reason, a one-shot, one-deal
movie is far better. Show me new gags. Don’t show me the same stuff
all over again.

Hangover Part 2

“The Hangover Part Two” sounds awful. I won’t be seeing that nor, if I
were single again, would I turn any one-night stands into trilogies.
Can you imagine that? “One-Night Stand, the Sequel.”

It is called one night stand for a reason. Not two-night stand, not
three-night. And the only comparison to “The Hangover” is that most of
the time you are left with a bad hangover the next day! 🙂