Man, have I changed! I really have. I used to go to Whole Foods all the time to pick up my groceries . . . and anything else I could find. Now I’m in Whole Foods this morning picking up nothing except groceries for my girlfriend and her mother.

I’m there just picking up apricots, peaches and spinach. I used to walk around there picking up blonds and brunettes. Now the only thing blond I’m picking up in here is an apricot. Either I’ve really growing up or I’m really in love.

For those of you who really do want to pick up blonds and brunettes at Whole Foods instead of peaches and apricots, then I’m posting this blog which is much more relevant to you than to me. If you want to learn how to meet blonds and not peaches in whole foods check out how to do this from last weekend’s bootcamp, we showed how important it is to engage others in conversation and to remember details. Below is an excerpt about how these build an instant friendship.

Think about what we’ve accomplished just walking around for two hours today. We’ve been gathering momentum.

We stood there and talked to the Greenpeace person, and I pretended I was French. You weren’t that passionate about the conversation about Greenpeace.

Not two minutes before, you were saying, “Damn, how can I talk passionately? Nobody wants to hear about the stock market!” and then the Greenpeace person showed up.

So then we went into Blue Mercury, and the woman we met there was so boring! You saw how low energy she was, and you saw yourself in the same way, and you perked right up after that!

You don’t want to hang out with that – you’ll put yourself to sleep. And you’re really NOT low energy; you’re just more reserved.

So then we walked into Levi’s and we carried that same energy and momentum with us. We walked in and started talking to that girl behind the register, and then the other girl wanted to talk to us too, and we basically were controlling the whole tone of the entire store for about an hour!

Then the girl said to us, “You guys are fun! Stop back again!” And we became friends with her. It’s like an instant friendship.

And think about the type of person that she is; she’s a merchandiser. She does the windows at all the stores – she’s probably got a cool circle of friends. She’s someone you could go meet up with for a drink and meet her friends – you know her friends are probably outrageous!

This is about owning every place that you go into. The more places you own, the more people that you’ll relate to.

Every time you go out – I don’t care where it is – you need to learn three things about the people you talk to. Life is about flattering people and networking.

So the next time you see that Levi’s merchandiser, you can ask her, “So are you still swimming?” or “How’s mom’s business in Bethesda? Is it still kicking ass?” or “What other windows do you do? I’d really love to see them.”

Bingo. Three things right there. She’ll look at you and think, oh my god – I cannot believe that he remembered all that! She’ll immediately look at you and just think the world of you.

Most guys won’t do that. Most guys, when they are attracted to a woman, will walk in all nervous, walking back and forth and rocking, and then they’ll all of a sudden gasp, “Hey! Do you want to get together?” They won’t even remember why they wanted to get together with her; they will just try to ask her out.

You, however, have those three things about her, and those three things are the keys to asking her out. If you can remember three things about somebody, she’ll go out with you every single time.