Intern Dan here hanging with David at the Toronto bootcamp, which was pretty amazing.

So David asked if I wild like to do a sequel to my blog post “Why Nice Guys Lose At Dating”. This blog is about the “Good Guy”.

So who is the Good Guy? Well, he’s like a bad boy in a lot of ways. He’s confident, sure of himself and he knows what he wants and he goes after it. He doesn’t care what others think about him because they don’t matter. He knows he’s sexual and he knows how to use it.

But how is a Good Guy different from a Bad Boy then? The Good Guy acts out of a place of service and love while Bad Boys acts selfishly.

Have I confused you yet? Good.

I know that I wrote before that “Nice Guys” are looking to please everyone. They constantly let others use them and just do whatever they can to be as inoffensive as possible. Nice Guys need validation. You could say Nice Guys are always looking to serve people. When I say Good Guys act out of love and service, am I not just saying the same thing?


The big difference is that Good Guys know that they are a gift to the world. They know deep down that they are awesome and that they are here on this planet to share that awesomeness with others. They serve others by being their awesome selves. They don’t look to please others because they already know that just by being themselves they are truly giving others what they need. Good Guys aren’t afraid to shine and they hope that they can bring out the best in everyone around them. Good Guys know that there is abundance in life and try to spread the wealth because he always knows he’ll get his.

Some people get uncomfortable when they see someone being extraordinary. The Good Guy isn’t concerned with them. In fact, the Good Guy knows he’s on the right track when some people are uncomfortable.

The Good Guy goes with the flow because life doesn’t worry him. When bad things happen, he knows that he can handle it and that everything will work out. He has no fear because there is no need for fear. What’s there to be afraid of when you know that life is filled with abundance and that everything will work out well?

Notice how I haven’t said anything about knowing how to “pick up” women? Or “escalate” sexual tension? Good Guys don’t need to “pick up” women or “escalate” anything. Women are drawn to them and if there is chemistry between them, the sexual energy flows naturally. No resistance, no awkwardness, just two people coming together and giving themselves to each other freely.

This Good Guy seems pretty amazing eh? Almost like the perfect man that no one can ever be. The good news is that you don’t have to be perfect. Just striving to be the Good Guy will make you the good guy — and irresistible to women.

So stop being “nice”, love yourself and your life and start being Good! Beautiful women will take notice.