Man, I just don’t know when I’m going to get rid of this jet lag. I have been home now since Friday night, and I am still jet lagged! It’s just ridiculous.

I was gone a long time and it was a great trip. So it was worth every bit of that jet lag.

Today’s podcast is really interesting. It is about the importance of going out and doing things outside your comfort zone to meet women. It’s about the importance of enjoying all sorts of different activities and events.

We have the holiday season coming up soon, and you guys are going to be looking for places to meet women. The truth is, though, that there are many different places you can go to meet women. You can take a pottery class, take a dance class, take a cooking class.

In today’s podcast, I actually give you a list of great places to go and great things to do to meet women. I also tell you why those places and activities are so great. Plus, it never hurts to become more well-rounded and learn some new things.

So check out today’s podcast and hear all about all the great places you’re not going to meet women. Click here to listen now: