talking about other peopleColin Cowherd…

Colin Cowherd is a great radio host.

Colin Cowherd is interesting.

Colin Cowherd is controversial.

Colin Cowherd speaks his mind… And he’s far more interesting than the people who sugar coat their way through life.

But Colin Cowherd is no longer with ESPN. They fired him recently for saying something about the education system in the Dominican Republic. In my opinion, what he said was the truth. But Colin Cowherd was a Monday Morning Quarterback.

You see a website, or a blogsite, took something out of context.  They took a quote from Colin Cowherd and posted it in such a way it made him too like he was a racist who didn’t like Dominicans.  They took the whole thing out of context.

“Monday morning quarterbacks” do that 24/7. They take things out of context. They constantly critique other people.  They will find a target and look for anything they can pick on about that person.  It’s almost as if they’re waiting in line for them to make a mistake. Then they act as if they knew the entire time the right thing to do. Always after the fact.

The other day a friend of mine did a presentation for his work. He played it to his significant other. He expected her to like it because he felt good about it. She listened to the whole thing, and at the end she said…

“Did you have to bring up your ex-wife in there as an example?”

My friend brought up his ex-wife (who he divorced 15 years ago by the way) as an example of a lesson he’d learned. It was about how just because something was amazing once, doesn’t mean they’d be amazing forever. Monday Morning Quarterbacks take things like that and jump on them as if the event is significant now. They take things out of context.  They look for the negative.  They’re constantly critiquing other people because it makes them feel better about themselves.

What’s that old saying about not putting other people down, just to make yourself feel better… Monday Morning Quarterback.

I’ve met many Monday Morning Quarterbacks. They’re always listening, just waiting to go on the attack. I don’t do that. In fact, I hear lots of things people say, and I don’t pass judgment. I’m sure there are many things I’ve said on my videos or blogs that people could take out of context and attack.  But you see, I don’t sugar coat things.  I don’t insist on making things sound perfect.

I tend to say things as I feel them.

Controversial?  Yes.

Outspoken?  Yes.

Crude at times?  Absolutely.

Do I turn some people off by the way I speak?  Yes.

I learned something from Howard Stern a long time ago…

Whatever you say in life, make sure you have a strong opinion about it.  Because in life, all we’re really doing is playing a role. Our role will change.Things that I may have said a year ago may not be relevant today, but something has remained consistent.

Do I love men, and women? Yes.

Do I want the best for everybody? Yes.

Do I want people to find love and happiness? Yes.

Do I give advice that sometimes is crude and rude? Yes, if it’s how I feel.

Do I sometimes speak in words that may offend certain people? Absolutely.

Is there a nicer way to say things? Sure, but I wouldn’t be me.

I’m not here to please everybody, and I know a lot of people “Monday Morning Quarterback” me. Anybody who’s in the public eye will be “Monday morning quarterbacked.”

My motto is, if you want to do something different, or you don’t like the way I do something, do it yourself.  I don’t mind criticism. I don’t mind somebody giving me constructive criticism. I listen to it, I take it in, I think it’s wonderful, and I appreciate it. But, I can’t be all things to all people.

It just doesn’t work that way. So instead of Monday Morning Quarterbacking things, enjoy somebody, or don’t enjoy them.  If you don’t like what they have to say, listen to somebody else. We’re all different. There’s somebody for everybody, for dating advice, for love, for everything.