Should i call her “David, should I call her? I met this amazing girl, but I’m not sure if she just gave me her phone number to be friendly.”

This is something that’s always fun to discuss. You meet a woman. You get her number, and then spend the next couple of days staring at her name in your contacts. Those digits are just staring right back, waiting for you to use them, but you’re not sure if you should call. I remember the good old days when you I used to get pieces of paper from women. I’d have phone numbers on napkins and phone numbers in matchbook covers.

Then you get the girl who writes like a 3 year old and you can’t quite make out a couple of the numbers. You try to work them out, and end up getting through to a few big angry truckers. That’s quite a fun game to play if you have nothing to do one night. You keep trying different numbers until you crack the code. If you text it’s even funnier. Let’s say her name was Becky. You send this message to all the possible numbers…

“Hey Becky, it’s David. We met the other day. Let’s definitely connect again. It was great texting you.”

All of a sudden, you get a few texts back like, “Sorry Pussy Boy. This isn’t Becky.” Or my personal favorite, “Wrong number. Eat shit and die Mo-fo!”

Then finally after you’ve finally given up you get a message from the right girl saying, “Hey nice meeting you too.” You cracked the code!

That’s why you should always hand her your phone to put in her number. That way you have the right spelling of her name, and the right number. Let’s face it, if you met her somewhere noisy, you probably didn’t hear her name right, so this way you don’t get it wrong and sound like an idiot. So, you’re wondering. Should you call this girl you met. When should you call her? What do you say to her? Do you ask her for a date? Well, the first thing is, I always say there are hours you should and shouldn’t call a woman. Never call a woman before noon because it looks like you have nothing else to do in the morning but call a woman. It makes it look like you obsessed about calling her all night.

There’s a sweet spot between 12pm and 2pm. Hopefully they’re out and about maybe grabbing some lunch or something. It’s probably a good time to catch them for a chat. Don’t call her during the week on the dot of 5pm. Again, it looks like you waited for the workday to end so you could phone her the second you finished. 8pm isn’t a good time because they’re probably having dinner, and nothing is worse than someone calling while you’re eating.

The absolute best time to call is 9.17pm. 9.30 is a cliché. Its 30 minutes before the 10pm cut off time. We always learned never to call someone after 10pm in case you wake them up. If they’re not asleep you’re heading into the “Who the hell is calling me at this time?” zone. So I say 9.17pm is the sweet spot. They’re home, they’ve eaten, and they’re comfortable.

Friday night is a big no no. You should be out or with friends. You don’t want her to know you’re sitting in front of your Xbox on your own. Thursday night isn’t a good night to call either. Thursday night is when all the cool people go into town. It’s the local night before everyone from the suburbs come in and destroy the city for the weekend. So you have Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday night at 9.17pm as your best options. Oh and if you call at the weekend, make sure it sounds like you’re running errands. It makes you sound busy, and you can sound casual about it. Just make sure if you’re in the car you close your windows. There’s nothing more annoying that trying to talk to someone when all you can hear is the wind.

Isn’t it complicated knowing when to call women?

Aren’t the rules of dating messed up?


If you got a woman’s number, pick up the phone and call her right away, whenever you want! It really doesn’t matter. Just do it and stop overcomplicating everything!