What are your fears? I have a couple of fears. One of them is a huge fear that I’m not going to tell you about now, but will share with you later.

I have something I’m working on right now that is one of my biggest fears, and which is challenging me more that I have ever before been challenged. It is something I work on every single day, and something I kick myself in the ass about every single day.

So let’s talk about fears today. Let’s find out how to overcome any fear — whether it’s approach anxiety, fear of commitment, fear of having children or whatever it might be.

Everyone is in a different place in their life. Everyone has different fears.

I remember when I used to have a fear of flying. I was terrified to fly. It was one of my worst nightmares.

I always thought the plane was going to crash. I thought that turbulence meant that the plane was about to fall apart. During much of my 20’s I didn’t even travel, because I thought I was going to die in a plane crash.

Now I am addicted to traveling. How did that shift take place?

I started traveling. I started getting on airplanes. I started relaxing. I started listening to good music. I started thinking positive thoughts.

When I got on an airplane, I would meditate. It became my quiet time.

Now I actually find being on an airplane to be one of the most meditative things I can do. Granted, the seats hurt my ass really badly. My brain, however, really just loves to zone out on a plane and relax. It’s one of my top ten favorite things to do.

So how do you get over a fear that you have? You think positive things. You envision the outcome.

If you have a fear of approaching women, then envision what it feels like to be able to approach any woman you want. If you have a fear of having kids, then visualize how amazing it’s going to be to hold your son or daughter for the first time. If you have a fear of commitment, visualize how incredible it will be to get really deep with somebody.

It’s all about visualizing my friends. Visualize all the beauty of what it’s going to feel like to get there (wherever the “there” is relative to your fear). Then when you’re on the journey to get there, you will hold on to the beauty of that vision the entire trip.

I talk more deeply and in detail about how I overcame all my own fears. Click to find out how to get rid of approach anxiety and any other fears today.