What a great weekend in Seattle!! The bootcamp went down as being one of my favorites. I will be posting some amazing transformations this week from the bootcamp!

People are always asking me, “how do you make somebody be attracted to you?”

You don’t MAKE somebody be attracted to you – you create attraction. You create attraction by making people feel good – by listening to them, by talking to them, and by engaging them in a conversation.

You create attraction by communicating with someone and paying him or her a compliment – not an over-the top-compliment but a genuine one. A compliment that means something.

If you see someone that you haven’t seen in a while, you say to them, “wow, you look really good.” It has to be something that comes from your heart. Attraction is the art of making people feel wanted and desired. It’s about making people feel special.

So many people are afraid to say what is on their mind. They don’t want to let it out because they don’t want to feel vulnerable. But you can’t get people to become attracted to you unless you are vulnerable. Without being vulnerable, whom are they really becoming attracted to? You have to be attracted to yourself.

I’m really into paying genuine compliments. I like to pay compliments to people. If someone looks really good, I’m all about telling them that. But don’t forget – I’m not doing that to manipulate or create a false attraction. I’m doing it because it’s legitimate. I mean it and I feel it.

That’s how you create attraction – or reveal it. Creating real attraction is by being honest and not being afraid to say things. So many times people are thinking that there is this “magic pill” to create attraction, when in reality it doesn’t exist.

The only way to do it is by making somebody feel good. You have to talk to them and listen to what they have to say – and react to what they say. Take the conversation deeper.

Smile. Touch them a little bit. Touch their arm or their shoulder. Look directly into their eyes. When they say something that is funny, laugh! When they say something that is emotional – and it makes you feel sad – show that emotion.

Attraction is about making somebody feel great in your presence. It’s about being open, honest, and being real. It’s not about manipulation. There is no manipulating when it comes down to attraction.

Real attraction is created when you are being genuine with someone. Be authentic. If you are authentic you can create attraction.

Stop trying to chase everybody out there. So many men are in chase-mode and so many women operate in desperation-mode.

You’re either attracted to someone or you’re not. We’re all attracted to people who make us feel really good when they are around.