You knew I was going to come up with some type of Super Bowl blog. I always do!

This one is going to be a little different, though, because in this blog I’m going to really “tell it like it is,” so fasten your seatbelts. This blog is all about determination.

So many of you still email me with your lame excuses for why you aren’t where you want to be in your life. Yes, I know, using the term “lame” is a little harsh sounding, but to tell you the truth I’m really tired of hearing them.

Everybody has excuses in life. We all do. Every one of us. Here’s what I say about your excuses: Get over it!

I hate taking such a harsh tone here, but so many of you email me wanting a solution to your issues yet you have never purchased any of my products. Never . . . not one. You tell me you read my blog every single day and love what I teach, but you have taken no steps to work on your issues by investing in yourself.

You want me to spend my time answering your questions for free, but balk at the suggestion that you should buy one of my products to be able to really help you and attack the issues that are holding you back from having the dating life you so badly desire to have.

Getting the answer to one question is not going to help you solve all of your problems. It really won’t.

So how does this fit into the Super Bowl? This actually fits immensely into this year’s Super Bowl.

Kurt Warner did not walk into the Ram’s camp eleven years ago saying “Make me the quarterback!” He had determination. He had an incredible work ethic. He didn’t hide behind his excuses.

After not being drafted in 1994, he bagged groceries at a grocery story until he was signed into the Arena Football League in 1995. He was determined to make it in the NFL.

Kurt Warner became one of the most successful quarterbacks in Arena Football League history, and did make it to the NFL when he was signed by the St. Louis Rams prior to the 1998 season. When Trent Green blew out his knee during the 1998 training camp, Dick Vermeil had no choice. It was the last game of the pre-season, and all he had was a kid named Kurt Warner standing there.

So Kurt Warner got the job. Even though Kurt Warner played in only one game in 1998 and attempted only eleven passes, he went on in 1999 to put together one of the most successful seasons for a quarterback in NFL history, including getting a Super Bowl Championship and becoming the Super Bowl MVP.

Determination. Kurt Warner had true determination. He worked hard every single day. He paid his dues.

So many of you don’t want to pay your dues. So many of you are looking for that “magic pill” that’s going to help you solve all of your problems or which will instantly change your life. You want advice and help, but you only want it if it’s free . . . and if it’s a “quick-fix.”

I spent the last couple of weeks reading through my old journals. What those journals showed was how determined I was, even during rough times, to succeed in life. The only way you’re going to succeed in life is to be determined.

During this year’s Super Bowl, Kurt Warner threw an interception right before half time that resulted in James Harrison rambling down the field and making a touchdown for the other team. Larry Fitzgerald made the biggest mistake by failing to strip the ball from or to tackle James Harrison as he should have.

Kurt Warner did not let this setback affect him, because he has determination. He took the Cardinals down the field for two more scores and put them in a position to win.

Of course, Ben Roethlisberger was equally determined. Santonio Holmes was equally determined. Santonio Holmes could have dropped that pass. He probably worked on catching a pass like that a thousand times in practice. Day after day, he was probably thrown balls that were too high so he could learn how to jump up and land dragging down both toes.

So many of you lack this kind of determination. So many of you will not even invest in yourself. Let’s forget for a minute about buying anything. So many of you will not even go out and do the things I talk about in the blogs. You won’t even go out there and talk to three people every day, because you think doing that is an “exercise” that’s not worth your time.

You continue to write me, though, saying that you want that phone number or to be good with the opposite sex. You want the end result – you want to win the Super Bowl – but you want to get there without putting the time and doing the practice every day that it takes to get there.

You have got to put in the time if you want to be successful. You must be determined.

I’m done. I’m done for today. On my Community Site, there is a 20 minute podcast for you members that is guaranteed to inspire you to go out there and do whatever you have to do to meet people. For the rest of you, take this message and really think about it, because I’m also determined . . . to help you! The question is: How determined are you to help yourself?