Hey folks

I’m starting a new blog segment on Wednesdays called “Dear David”

I’ll be pulling a question out my virtual mailbag and answering it here.  That way everyone in the community can benefit.  I won’t be using anyone’s real name, so don’t be shy, and keep your emails coming in!

First up, is a question from Sam (who doesn’t mind being named) from New York…

“David, I really could use your advice. I’m a big guy and find it really hard to meet women. I feel like I don’t have a chance before I get anywhere near them because of my size. Most the time I don’t even bother trying.

I’m only 30 years old so I know I have time to drop some weight. I just can’t stand the thought of being on my own until I’m down to average size. Is there anything I could be doing to give myself the edge over slimmer guys?”

David says:

Sam, thanks for your email. I have good news for you. Your mind is the problem, not your body. You said yourself, most the time you don’t even try and approach women because you think they’ll reject you.

Here’s the thing…

Women pay less attention to men’s bodies than we pay to theirs!

Women are all about connection. They want to meet a man who is going to listen to them. They want a man who’s going to pay attention to them, and give them a fun, caring, and passionate relationship. Sure, looks count for something, but 8 out of 10 women I speak to say they fall for a guy’s personality before they fall for his looks.

If you run into women who are shallow and only go on looks, fuck em. Their loss right?

You know the other thing Sam?

The number of beautiful women I see with a big, bald guy on their arm is amazing. And before any negative folks say, “They’ve probably got money.”

I know a few big guys with super-hot girlfriends and they definitely DON’T have money!

So, keep positive. If you’re on some kind of weight loss plan, stick to it. If nothing else, your health will improve and you’ll feel good about yourself. And get out there and start approaching women. I’m telling you, looks aren’t as important as you think.

If you’re a confident, happy, charming, and fun guy who connects with women, you’ll meet someone!

I hope that helps!

And guys, don’t forget, Wednesday is “Dear David” day on the blog so get your email questions in. I might answer yours next.