Hey everybody.

I hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving.

Mine was great, too. Thanks for not asking.

Anyway, new changes, new things coming.

And that means the blog is changing too.

We have a new format that’s starting tomorrow.

It’s going to be something like a “Dear Abby”, but it’ll be “Ask David”.

I’m going to take the best of your questions, the best of your dating frustrations, and answer them.

That’s right: I’m going to answer your dating frustrations here on the blog on a daily basis.

For those of you who have been criticizing me in my coyote blogs and some of the other ones, I’ve listened to your criticism, but that was not the reason I’ve changed.I have other reasons that will be revealed to you on January 1, 2013.

Of course, I’ll continue to post videos. Those are usually created when a client asks me a question on a bootcamp or during a live coaching session.

We’re also going to have a special guest…

We’re going to have a beautiful, sexy, hot, hot, gorgeous beautiful woman who’s going to do a guest post once a week here. It’s going to be “Ask the Hot Babe”. (And let me tell you guys, you won’t believe how hot and helpful this woman is!)

We’re also going to have a dirty girl confessional. Some of the hot and naughty women that I know on my life will regularly give you a dirty girl confessional––something naughty, something sexual, something fun that will get you inside the minds of women that fully embrace their naughty side.

So, things are changing.

For those of you who are regular readers, you know that I go off on a tangent certain times, talking about things that aren’t about dating and relationships.

Well, your dreams and your wishes have come true. That’s right. I won’t be going off on tangents any more. Everything will be very specific to dating, relationships, and sex.

So stay tuned!