In the middle of the Bootcamp yesterday, I realized something (as I always do during Bootcamps). I realized that there are some things I need to work on about myself. So I shared with the guys that I need to work on becoming more self-aware and to be a better communicator when things first start bothering me.

I grew up in a family of suppressors; a family that would sweep everything under the carpet instead of talking about it. When you’d walk into the Wygant household, you’d trip on everything that was under the doormat. I realized yesterday through one of our powerful conversations, that in my own personal life I do some suppressing of things when something bothers me.

When something bothers me, I’ll either make a joke or be sarcastic about it. Then I’ll hide it in the bowels of my subconscious, and walk around with a feeling of irritability inside me for several days. Now I know the warning signs and have to take action so I no longer sweep things under the Wygant rug.

We all are constantly working on ourselves. We all are constantly challenging ourselves. If you ever think the job is done, you’re so wrong. If you feel you’re done everything you need to do, then your life is full of people who do not challenge you to be a better, stronger and more dynamic person.

A nice, quiet and really amazing Indian man named Ajay is in the Bootcamp this weekend. He said to me “It’s nice to see David Wygant real, and that you actually have problems too.”

We all have problems. What makes me able to teach, coach and write about all this is that I’m still working through things in my own life as well. Everyone is. We’re all flawed.

So enjoy a nice little flawed Sunday (See, a little sarcastic remark has to come out!)

Oh…and one last thing. Daphne is flawed as well. She has low self-esteem issues at times. If you want to know more about Daphne’s occasional self-esteem issues, however, we’ll have to do a whole other blog on that!