Date a CheerleaderMental masturbation, approach anxiety, and living life without limits are all subjects we talk about this blog all the time. When we do, the comments fly in with the usual negativity.

“There are no women! This doesn’t work! Ugly men don’t get dates! Girls never talk to me! I’ll never get a girlfriend no matter what I do! Women suck etc etc!”

And what do I always say?

Stop the mental masturbation, stop telling yourself you can’t do something and start living life without limits. Because when you start believing in yourself, and start believing anything is possible, amazing things start happening to you. STILL don’t believe me?

How many of you saw the story all over the news this week about the high school student and the beautiful NFL cheerleader?

In case you missed it, let me fill you in…

…And pay attention guys because this kid right here has learned a valuable lesson. Life is about putting yourself out there and taking a chance. Mike Ramirez is an ordinary 17-year-old Texan high school senior. He’s nothing special. He’s not dripping in self-confidence. Certainly not the super stud high school quarterback that all the girls love and all the boys envy. But one day, right in the middle of an English class, this young guy decided he had a dream, and he was going to make it come true.

What was his dream?

To take every high school boy’s wet dream, Texan NFL cheerleader Caitlyn Beth , on a date to his prom. Can you imagine if he’d have written me a Dear David email? Can you imagine the heat he’d have got in the comments below this post?

“It’ll never happen. She’ll laugh at you. Stupid idiot, she’ll only date tall, fit, jocks. She won’t even talk to you.”

But he believed in his dream. He didn’t spend his life mentally masturbating over meeting her. He decided he wanted to take her on a date, and he made it happen. He came up with the idea of tweeting the cheerleader, asking her if she’d come to his prom if he got 10,000 retweets. I mean this is a pro NFL cheerleader. She could have easily ignored the message, or just blown him off.

But no!

She was so impressed with the guy’s guts and imagination, she agreed. Of course, social media blew up and the tweet went viral. Mike Ramirez easily got his 10,000 retweets and the date was on. Is he going to get laid? Who knows? The chances are he probably won’t, but that’s not what this is about. How many of his friends would have LOVED this hot, sexy, young cheerleader to go to the prom with them?

I’m telling you, every single one of them would love to be in this guy’s shoes. Just to spend a few hours in her company. So what do we learn from all this?

He took a chance. He didn’t sit there telling himself why this girl would never go on a date with him. He didn’t spend hours on mental masturbation imagining what it would be like to meet her. He didn’t let approach anxiety or nerves around women get in the way. He came up with a plan, he took action, and he made it happen.

Why did his idea work so well?

Look at the cheerleader’s Twitter feed. All she gets is messages from guys saying, “You’re so hot. You’re beautiful. I love you. I want to give you babies.”

It’s just hundreds of messages from guys saying the same thing. This young 17-year-old boy pitches up, comes up with an interesting idea, and stands out from the crowd. He did something different. He got her attention. And he’s got himself a date!

What’s your excuse?

Why don’t you take a chance? Why don’t you live life without limits?

Surely if 17-year-old Mike Ramirez can get a pro NFL cheerleader to come to his high school prom, you can ask that girl you fantasize about in Starbucks for her phone number. As Mike said himself, “You can’t hit if you don’t swing.”

It’s time to start swinging!