Every day I get this email …

“I know you’re a busy man, but please give me one thing I can say to a woman to get her attention, and to make her start talking. Then can you give me one thing to say after the initial Hello. That’s where I get stuck, and it would really help me out.”

I always read that email and think to myself how can life possibly be a script? Think about every conversation that you have.  You go into your boss’s office to talk to him.  You can’t script out the conversation.  You go over to your parents’ house for dinner — you can’t script out the conversation.

You need to have a heart to heart with your girlfriend and it’s driving you nuts, so in your head you try to script out what you want to say but then when you sit down and talk to her guess what happens?

The conversation goes differently than you ever imagined!

You can’t script a conversation. It’s virtually impossible unless you’re a mind reader. Life is all about improvisation.  Life is about paying attention to details.  In today’s video, my good friend John Keaton and I go through an improvisation drill, which will help you become better at connecting with women.

You’ll think some of the exercises are kind of silly, but they’re not because when you pay attention and when you improvise your way through life, you’ll realize that the only script you need is the script of paying attention to everything around you.

So today, check it out as John as I go through a couple of improvisation drills.  Both John and I took acting classes. We both tried to be actors at one point in our lives, and as a good actor knows, it’s all about improv.

“Actors have scripts!” you say, but in reality they’re reacting to the words.  Alright… without ruining what’s in the video, check it out and you’re going to find out you need to stop thinking about a script to meet women and start meeting women in a natural way.