A friend of mine was sharing this story with me.

I died laughing. Well, I hate when people say they die laughing because if they die laughing, it literally means that they’re dead. So, they stop laughing. Well, you get the point.

There are a lot of weird things we say that don’t make any sense at all.

Anyway, I want to tell you a story about my friend, John.

It’s not the John who you’ve seen in my videos, my amazing coach friend. It’s another friend John.

He told me about a woman he met. They went out a few times. They had a great time.

He said she was a little high strung, and she took some things a little too personally, which were warning signs. Because John, being my friend, has paid attention to the things I teach.

For those of you who are new to my ramblings, I say all the time, don’t get too excited about somebody until you’ve been out with them a few times.

You can go out and spend six hours with somebody and the date is absolutely amazing. Then the very next time you see her, the crazy comes out.

I tell people who date, I tell John this, I tell all of you this. I tell you to pay attention to the things that just don’t feel right.

We are very intuitive beings.

We go by what we feel. Well actually that’s not true. We’re intuitive beings, but a lot of the time we go by what our head thinks.

A lot of time, we meet somebody, and we want to meet somebody so badly that we can feel ourselves getting close to them.

I know when I’ve got a relationship coming.

I can feel it. I start getting closer.

I start meeting people, and things get more and more intense each time I meet them.

Each person I meet I get a little more intense with until finally I meet someone who I just click with. Somebody who is amazing.

John met somebody who he thought was amazing. He was thrilled, excited, couldn’t believe it. He was reeling after the first three dates with her.

I said, John, are there any warning signs? People show their stuff and you have to pay attention.

He said she’s a little high strung and there’s a little bit too much drama.

I told John, that’s probably who she is.

Then John went out on date number four with her.

They ran into a couple of her girlfriends. She proceeded to get very dramatic.

She kept talking about the same thing over and over again. Something that happened at the office that day.

She had to get her girlfriends’ opinion 14 different times. All of the drama started coming out. She looked at John and said “I hope you understand that I don’t do this very often.”

Then she continued to do it over and over again. Drama.crazy-girl

The crazy came out. That’s what happens when you pay attention.

We’re all a little crazy. I like to say that human beings are the most perfect, imperfect people.

There’s no such thing as perfection.

That’s okay, but personalities need to mesh. Some personalities seem to mesh and some do not mesh.

That’s what paying attention is all about.

It’s about trusting your gut when something seems a little bit off. It’s not good to make judgments about someone until you get to see the crazy.

I don’t mind seeing the crazy. When I’m going out with somebody, I don’t mind seeing their crazy. Because if you pay attention and you’re present in the moment, it’s perfectly okay to walk away after you see their crazy.

Pay attention. Listen to your intuition. Stop thinking with your head. Allow somebody to show themselves. The more laid back, the more chilled out you are, the more a person will be able to feel relaxed, and show themselves to you.

People on dates are on their best behavior. What you really want is for them to be relaxed, so the crazy comes out. When it does, you’ll be able to make a determination if their crazy is something you can put up with.

We’re all a little nuts. We’re all a little crazy. But everybody’s crazy needs to align. And that’s when you fall in love. Not when it’s in your mind.

You fall in love when their crazy is aligned with yours and you can deal with it.