confessionAlright, how daring do you feel today?

This is my version of truth or dare, where you can reveal your most ridiculously embarrassing, how-could-I-have-possibly-done-that, what-was-I-thinking-in-that-moment moment.

I’m going to share mine.

Maybe I will.

Alright, I’ll share one of mine.

Actually, you know what? This is really funny. As I was thinking and writing this, I kind of realized I tend of live my life that way every single day. I don’t really care, I kind of have ridiculous moments.

I remember I was doing a business deal.

So I brought in my personal stuff. And I’m thinking to myself, what do they care what my personal life is all about? They can care less if I’m going through something. All they care about is why we’re not doing business together, yet I got personal.

In that instance by getting personal, the business relationship actually blossomed more than I ever even imagined.

So down below, share with me the most ridiculous, what was I thinking, embarrassing moment. Today, let’s talk about confessions. I’m curious to read what yours is all about.