I did another boot camp in London last week.

It was an unbelievably amazing boot camp.

We had a guy who never really dated, never really had an emotional connection with a woman, and was a complete virgin to boot.

But after doing a few of the exercises, he got the phone number of the most beautiful woman he has ever talked to.

Moments like that really make me feel great about what I do.  I really enjoyed seeing the transformation live.

Not only that, London is one of my favorite cities of all time, so it’s not that hard to really enjoy the boot camp there.  I then took two days off before I started working one-on-one with some guys there in London and Scotland.

But after spending a few days in Edinburgh and Glasgow, I’ve come to realize something:

Cities are like women.   

Some cities you just feel right with.  Some you just don’t.

And when I was up in Scotland, it just didn’t resonate with me at all.

It’s a beautiful city—don’t get me wrong.  Edinburgh is one of the prettiest cities I’ve ever seen.  It’s old and it’s got unbelievably great architecture, but the energy is just not what I enjoy.

I felt the same way in Munich.  Munich is a beautiful city, but I didn’t really resonate with the energy.

And it’s okay.  Just like when you’re looking for a woman, when you’re looking for a city to travel to or a place to live, you’ve got to feel the energy of it.

It’s all about really just jumping into the culture, the people, talking to them and asking yourself, “Do I fit with the people who live here?”

Is my mentality the same as the people who live there?  Do I feel comfortable here?

A lot of you are living in places you don’t like, and thinking that it’s the job that keeps you there. But in reality, nothing should keep you in a place that you don’t feel 100% comfortable in.

And it’s the same way in a relationship.

That’s why cities are so much like women.

If it doesn’t feel right, don’t stay in it.