Here’s the problem with having a minimalist approach in life.

If you have the minimalist approach to your business, what happens? You don’t make any money, right? You have to have that same feeling of abundance in every facet of life.

So many guys will meet a girl and then say to themselves, I don’t want to blow this! You’re acting like this is the last pretty girl you will ever see. Instead of challenging yourself and having a good conversation with her, you’re monitoring yourself and trying not to blow it. You walk over there and you play it safe, because you don’t want to blow it.

You think, if I say what I really want to say, then she’s not going to like me. You present yourself in front of her and guess what? She doesn’t like you, because you played it safe. Women don’t like when you play it safe. They’re not attracted to it.

So by having this minimalist attitude and playing it safe – not living with an abundance mentality and realizing that there are so many women out there – you will do this same thing every day. You will always be playing it safe.

You need to think to yourself, hey, this behavior pattern isn’t working!

And then the next time you see a good looking woman, you can say to yourself, I don’t give a fuck what I’m going to say. I’m going to say exactly what is on my mind, I’m going to try something totally different, and I’ll just have some fun with it. If she doesn’t respond, it doesn’t matter.

And when you start changing things like this, you’ll realize that women are starting to respond better to you.

It takes time. Women, keep this in mind: men think that they should win at everything that they do.

Women are about connecting. But coaching men is different. Men are like, I’ve got to go out and meet every single woman and they all have to like me!

No they don’t! Who cares? They don’t all have to like you; you just have to weed through them quickly. It is totally ridiculous to expect that every single woman you meet will like you. But as men, we just think it’s our rite of passage. Just because we stood there and talked to her she should give us her phone number and spread her legs for us.

That’s how men think. That’s the male mentality. On the other hand, women think, I just want to connect and enjoy somebody’s company. I want to learn about them and give it more of a chance. It’s more natural and authentic.

So men, remember this: just because you deposit yourself in front of her doesn’t mean that she’s going to like you.

So I just don’t care. I go over there, I talk and I flirt; I say whatever is on my mind. And if they respond? Great. If not? Who cares!

The next woman that you see – go up to her and say exactly what is on your mind. I don’t care what it is. Don’t get confrontational, but be real about it. Pay attention to her and the emotions on her face. Pay attention to what she is doing.

Just say it as you say it right now.