Are any of you guys fans of Entourage?

I just watched the season finale of Entourage, and it was definitely not what I expected. Really, Entourage is a fun and entertaining show, but when I watch it I don’t expect to feel anything at all.

The show definitely had its moments, just like all TV shows. Some good moments, some great moments, and some just plain old dumb moments.

But the last episode, if you have not seen it, was a real treat. (Slight spoiler alert here for those of you who haven’t watched the finale yet!!)

The episode was all about Love.


It was not what I, or probably anyone else, expected out of the last Entourage episode. It was all about Love and how far people are willing to go for love.

It really got me thinking…

How far are YOU willing to go for love?

Would you quit your job and move halfway around the world for somebody or something you loved?

If you’re a complete workaholic, would you stop working and just relax for a year in order to spend time with your family and save a dying marriage?

Would you go against everything your parents wanted for you in a partner, even if they hated the person you were with? Would you ignore them and be with the person you loved?

Love is strong. Love is powerful.

But just how powerful is love in your life? Let’s hear from you guys today.