Remember the movie A Few Good Men, when Jack Nicholson looked at Tom Cruise and said, “You can’t handle a good blow job!”

Well, ok, he didn’t really say that. But in my version he did.

So you meet a new woman, and she’s so full of sexual energy. She’s usually anywhere from 28 to 33. No offense to anybody older or anybody younger, but what happens is that a lot of women, right around the age f 30, start coming into their own sexuality. They start letting go of their inhibitions, realizing that sexually they have the freedom to do whatever they want. They start really enjoying sex more than ever before. The guilt is gone. It’s over. None of the Catholic guilt that they used to have from their family. None of the fear of friends calling her a whore or being labeled a slut by her peers.

All of a sudden, it seems like women kick into sexual overdrive. Right around 28 to 33, after which they just become these incredible, open, sexual beings.

The question to all you guys is: Can you handle a woman when she’s in that phase of her life? Or do you judge her? If you’re sitting across from a woman at a table, let’s say she’s 29 years old, and she says to you on a date, “I’ve slept with 18 guys.”

Are going to look at her and judge her? Are you going to look at her and shoot your nose up? What if she slept with more men than you’ve slept with women? What if you wish you’d slept with that many women? Are you going to be intimidated? What if you’ve slept with more? Are you still going to judge her? What if she tells you she’s slept with like 10 guys this month? Are you going to think she’s a slut? That she’s dirty?

Sexual Truth

I can feel all you — all of you — getting ready to type something in the comments section right now. I know Bob, you’re really ready to write something right now. I can feel it.

I know all of you are thinking right now of something to write. You’re probably judging. Maybe you’re saying to yourself, “I’m a great guy, I would never judge!”

But here’s the deal: who can tell you if or why she’s on a sexual escapade right now, or a sexual rampage? Don’t judge her. Embrace it. Have fun with the situation, and have fun with her. Stop with the double standard in life. There really is no double standard except inside your own mind. We all have different experiences in life, and we all set different standards for ourselves.

Stop judging women for expressing their sexuality and start embracing them and enjoying the gift they’re about to give you. As David Wygant said to Bob, “You can’t handle the blow job!” I’m sure Bob right now is laughing and saying to himself, “Hey, I’ve made the blog! My name is Bob.”