Dear David WygantI had a great “Dear David” email from a guy the other day, and I need to share it with you. It shows you what happens when guys study way too many techniques, and listen to all the pick-up artist crap that’s out there. It demonstrates what happens when you have trouble being authentic and real, and now this guy wants to know if he can save his relationship.

It’s not just men who do this either. Women are guilty of it too. People over-study things and then freak out when they don’t know what to do. They end up having an amazing person come into their life, and ruin it because they don’t understand how to keep a relationship going. Here’s the email he sent me…

“Dear David,

I need to know whether I can save my relationship. Lately I’ve been screwing life up badly. I’ve been dating this super-hot girl for a couple of months. A week ago I didn’t come home one night and she was seriously pi#sed with me. The next day I got her a gift to apologize. She was thrilled with it and accepted my apology. That day she told me several times she loved me. I’m so happy that a hot girl like this loves me.

Anyway, my first mistake was I never told her how I felt. I didn’t say I loved her too. I hurt her feelings. She asked me to call her the next day. I did but we weren’t on the phone long because she had to collect her daughter. She said we should meet later at a sports bar. I wanted to look busy and important, so I didn’t go.

Then I call her several times on Sunday and Monday, and she sounded really mad with me. She didn’t want to talk, and sounded cold. I’ve made a mess of this I know. I tend to be distant when she needs and attention, and too attentive when she needs space. How can I push and pull her in the right way? I thought I should wait to get in contact now until I hear from you.”

David Says…

Wow, this is all ridiculous. If you love her, tell her you love her. She told you she loves you. Stop playing games. You knew you hurt her feelings, but what did you do? You continued to hurt her feelings. You’re surprised a hot girl wants you?

That just shows how insecure you are. You haven’t worked on your self-confidence at all. You’re so busy worrying about how to push and pull her in the right way. You’re thinking about what games to play.  You’re acting like an idiot plain and simple. You’re acting like a fool. If you love this girl and she loves you, then step up to the plate and tell her. Otherwise, you’re just acting like a child. Obviously neither of you are children. She has a daughter. What you’re doing is crazy. How about acting like a man?    

She’s put herself out there. She loves you. If you feel the same way tell her. If not, then move forward. Don’t allow this woman to love you if you don’t love her. It doesn’t sound like you’re even ready for a relationship yet. It sounds like you’re still at the stage where you play dating games, and she’s bound to be pi#sed with you. I would be too if I was dating a man-boy!

Guys, if a woman tells you she loves you, and you’re in a committed relationship, don’t hide your feelings. You shouldn’t play games anyway, but especially not if you’re dating someone seriously. Mess women around like this and you’ll be battling to save your relationship too!