I was reading Men’s Health Magazine, and was a woman named Minka Kelly (Derek Jeter’s girlfriend) who was quoted as saying, “I think brutal honesty is extremely important. I wold rather be an honest friend than a phony lover.”

How many men and women really hear that? I don’t know who Minka Kelly is, nor do I care. I don’t care if Derek Jeter is screwing her. What she said in that quote, however, really resonates and rings true.

Why do we have such trouble being honest with our lovers, ourselves and people with whom we are in a relationship? If you’re brutally honest with someone, you might actually get what you want.

So many of us use manipulation games. So many of us beat around the bush. So many of us are passive aggressive when it comes down to discussing things with each other.

I’m all about brutal honesty. I want to hear from all of you today and know what you think about this.

The last time you were brutally honest, what happened? Are you 100% brutally honest in all ways in your love life? If you aren’t, why aren’t you?