I’ve always said, the best way to beat approach anxiety or nerves around women is to go out and practice approaching people. So many times I’ve said to guys struggling socially, get up every single day and no matter what you’re doing or where you are, talk to people. It doesn’t have to be attractive women all the time.

To be honest I don’t care whether you’re chatting to little old ladies, or swimwear models. The more you get used to confidently talking to strangers the better you’re going to be when you meet a woman you’re attracted to. But what happens to so many guys is this…

They’ll jump out of bed full of energy. They’ll be motivated. They’ll be pumped. They’ll head out the door ready for a full day of human interaction, and the first person they try to make conversation with ignores them. They shake it off and move on. But then they meet an attractive woman at the bus stop. This time when they try an opener, not only does the woman ignore them, but she pulls a weird face too.

Now they freak out. The guy starts to lose his energy and starts beating himself up that he can’t do it. How many times have you gone out in the morning with all good intentions, and then things don’t go right for you, so you lose control for the rest of the day?

It happens with everything we do. People trying to lose weight. They’ll slip up and eat a chocolate with their breakfast, freak out they’ve ruined their diet and start eating junk the rest of the day. You have to put setbacks behind you and not let them ruin your day. And it doesn’t just apply to approaching.

Let’s say you’re in sales and the first few calls of the day you make are horrible. The first few people you try to sell are abusive. If you let it ruin your mood and your energy, you’re not going to sell anything the rest of the day. You have to get your mindset right. If things don’t start out right for you, move on. Get on with it. If people aren’t responding to your approaches, don’t take it personally. It’s their problem not yours.

Maybe they had a bad start to the day themselves. Maybe their cat died or something. They’re the ones who missed out on connecting with an amazing guy like you. Not the other way around. You have to start adopting that mindset, and not letting a few let downs affect you. In today’s video I talk more about this, and reveal how to avoid letting setbacks drain your energy.