gold digging womenLos Angeles.

New York.

San Francisco.



Des Moines.

It doesn’t matter where she resides. The Gold Digger is out there, waiting to play on you. Gold diggers; they’re all over the place. They usually have the same M.O.. They know how to come on to a man and make him want more, to believe he is going to get some action. They know exactly how to bait him sexually, because they think all we do is think with our penis.

They tell us how they’re going to rock our world sexually. They dress sexy, and they smell great. But what they really want isn’t you. What they want, what they crave, and what they desire is the wallet that you’re sitting on in your back pocket. Not only your wallet, but your Visa Card, your MAster Card, and your American Express card.

The Los Angeles gold digger is no different from the Des Moines gold digger. They just play in a different field. The reason why I’m writing this today is because a good friend of mine recently ran into an LA gold digger. He’s about 40 and he met this woman an unbelievably hot woman under the age of 30, who tried to push his buttons.

She was what Hank Moody from ‘Californication’ called, “high-quality pussy.” He looked her up online and saw she had dated professional athletes and rappers. Enough said.

She told my friend she was looking for a “smart, sensitive guy with a hard dick,” and that when a man paid for things it “made her panties wet.”

Fortunately he spotted her Gold Digger game a mile away.

He told her flat out he was looking for a relationship. Not for a convenience. He’s not into that older man/younger woman type of deal, (a situation that often brings out the best in the gold diggers).

He said he was not the guy she was looking for.

But she told him she was looking for something solid too, a real connection. Love.

Not really buying it, my friend went ahead with eyes wide open. They fooled around. She was hot and horny, but manipulative to the end. He played along.

Then she pulled the “I forgot my credit card, all I have is cash…. routine”

Oh, this is a good one, guys. You better listen up.

She was traveling in Arizona for the weekend. She called him up and said, “Hey Babe, listen. I decided not to stay at my friend’s house the last night of my trip in Arizona. I really want some alone time before I come back to Los Angeles.”

He told her it sounded great and to enjoy her night.

And what happened?
She said, “Listen, I forgot my credit card. I could pay cash for the room but I was wondering if you could reserve the room for me, and then I’ll just pay cash when I get there.”

He told her right out, “I don’t play this game. I told you flat out that I am not looking to have an arrangement and this, does not resonate with me at all. Who travels without a credit card?”

My friend was embarrassed to tell me about the situation because I warned him when he met her. She’s young, she’s hot, and I think she wants money. I had her pegged. My friend wanted to believe this hot, young thing really wanted him for who he was. He almost fell for it.

Gold diggers are all over the place. I can’t stand them. I can’t stand anybody who thinks that just because they sleep with you, they can also take your money.

As far as I’m concerned, gold diggers are no different from hookers. They don’t like to be called hookers. Whenever you call a gold digger a hooker, they get all bent out of shape. In reality, that’s all they are. What are they doing? They’re sleeping with a guy, so they can get money and can live a lifestyle they don’t want to work for.

Some of these gold digger/hookers marry the guys.


They want the lifestyle. They’ll marry somebody they don’t really love, and they know they’re going to divorce them down the road, so they’ll put in six, seven years. Then they’ll get divorced and get a big settlement because they feel like they deserve it.

I can’t stand people that don’t earn their own money. It really irks me, because I’ve always been a self-made person, no matter what I’d done.

Let me tell you something…

I’ve done a lot of things. I’ve had to work, I’ve had to do two jobs, I’ve had to work around the clock building businesses and everything else. I’ve had to make sacrifices because things aren’t exactly the way that I thought they would be. You throw a gold digger in my path, and I’m going to rip her apart.

Beware of these women.

Beware of women that ask for things too quickly. Don’t get sucked into it. I don’t care how pretty she or how hot she is. She doesn’t deserve you. The only people who ever go for gold diggers are suckers. Guys that just just want a hot woman, and don’t care that they’re being used. They delude themselves that the women are interested in them as a person.

My friend avoided a HUGE mistake and you should too.

Beware of the Los Angeles, Des Moines, San Francisco, New York, gold digger. They can reside anywhere, any place, even small towns. They just want your money and they want a free ride. They already have a preconceived plan that they’re going to lose you in a few years. Run!