These girls are my favorites. They love to threaten. They are constantly threatening: “If you don’t drop everything right now and show up, I am never seeing you again.”

What? Even if you’re actually busy? I can’t believe that. They are constantly threatening, but the funny thing about ultimatum girls — and they are always so dramatic — is that you originally tried to make plans with them in the beginning.

They just like to cause drama, so they basically ignored you, and then all of a sudden you go and make alternate plans, and then right when you are in the middle of your alternate plans, having a good time, trying to relax — because you are basically pretty pissed off that they blew you off all day long — all of a sudden, then they throw the ultimatum ball right at you:
“If you don’t leave right now…”
“Well, I really can’t go anywhere right now. I am out to dinner with my parents.”
“Leave your parents right now!”

They are ultimatum girls. They are all about drama. They get off on it. They really do. And, if you think about — when you are dating ultimatum girl, think about when the best sex is. The best sex with them is when they have given their ultimatum, they threaten you a little bit, they get in a little fight with you, and then all of a sudden they fuck you like a maniac because they love it. They love the drama. They get off on the drama.

Are You Dating A Drama Queen

Ultimatum girls cum a lot harder when they have drama. They really do. You want an ultimatum girl to be multi-orgasmic? You know what? Basically, when she ignores you, go out. Do the thing you wanted to do. She is going to send you an ultimatum, and then boom. The sex is going to be off the charts.

That is what ultimatum girl does. Ultimatum girl gets off on the whole thing and she knows it. But yet, usually, she is not that in touch with herself to know why she does this. She says she doesn’t like this dramatic behavior, but in reality, she does like it. It turns her on.

Because the average guy would bore her. She likes a guy that is a mind-fucking challenge to her. She likes to try to control a man, and then she finds a man that she can’t control, and then what she tries to do then is she tries to threaten him with ultimatums, but the problem is she usually runs into somebody who is very stubborn and she gets off on it. It’s a game.

Ultimatum girl isn’t looking for the bad boy. Ultimatum girl is basically looking for the guy that just doesn’t put up with her fucking shit.