This is a warning that could save you millions of dollars. Beware of Great Sex!

Whether you’re a man or a woman, you need to read this article and you need to pay attention.

First off, a confession.

I truly believe throughout my entire life that there was magic in a woman’s vagina.

I was addicted to sex, even more so to great sex. Addicted to a woman’s body. Addicted beyond all control.

I truly believe that some of the vaginas that I have been with in my life were magical.

I’m not saying this to sound like an asshole. I’m not saying this to make you cringe. I’m just telling you that I truly fell for the beauty of a woman. I fell for the sex with a woman. I fell, as Al Pacino said in Scent of a Woman, “I fell for the scent of a woman”.

And now I can tell you something.

Some of the woman I fell for were nothing more than just debit cards. That vagina could & did accept anything down there. Literally, could have taken my credit card. Literally could have taken anything.

And men are the same way. There are women out there who make lots of money, fall for men because the sex is so great because they’ve got the magic cock. The magic cock makes a woman feel really great, and then the woman gets stupid and blind and accepts a sub-par relationship.

When you accept a sub-par relationship, there is no where to go but down… and not even in the good way.

When you’re addicted to somebody’s sex and their smell and all other things, there’s no where to go but down, meaning you bank account will go down. Your emotions will go down. There’s a lot of things that are going to go down when you fall for somebody based on more of a physical side.

Some of the most costly relationships are the ones that are based on our physical nature. The ones were you become sexually inundated with somebody, and you become so infatuated with them, and you can’t stop thinking about great sex. You become so blinded to who the person truly is.

The worst relationships you can have because those are the relationships that drain your bank account. Not only your physical bank account, but your emotional soul bank account, which sometimes is worse. Because money can always be recouped if you’re successful, but your peace of mind when ve been raped by somebody who is not your emotional equal, somebody who doesn’t care about you, can take years of therapy or repair.

Money, sucks to lose. Especially money to those type of people. You can always make money back. So be careful of what you get involved in. And I’ve said it many times. Sex is something that you would think, being an adult, you would understand by now that great sex can certainly get in the way and cloud your judgment. Because of this I would think there would be some brains, that we would learn from the lessons and get smarter and smarter as you get older.

But in reality, so many people spend so much time not being smart.

Be smart. Become smart. Hold off on sex. You need someone whose going to be your best friend, not your best lover.

You need someone who’s going to be your equal, not somebody who you’re catering to.

And you need somebody who is going to be not only your emotional equal, as stated above, but your financial one as well.

Someone who respects your money, and you respect theirs. Doesn’t mean you make the same.

But as we get older, we should be really not falling for the magic vagina or the magic penis anymore.

Whenever we fall for the magic vagina or the magic penis, we lose all sense of reality.