We were talking about movies and they were talking about “Transformers.” I was saying, I just don’t like movies with such really bad special effects, I like movies with real special effects. To me the only movies out there with real special effects are romance movies.

Think about it, you go, you meet somebody, you got some conflict, and then all of a sudden everything works out perfectly. Everybody says I’m sorry, everything works out great. That to me, those are real special effects, because real relationships are never like movie relationships at all.

Real relationships are torturous, they’re hell, they’re crazy. One party never says sorry, the other one does say sorry. The fights, they’re so different. Movie fights they’re great, movie conflicts are easy. You always know at the end that the couple is going to fall in love and everything is going to be perfect. Those to me are real special effects.

Best Date Movies

I want a movie relationship. I think movie relationships are a lot of fun. In two hours you go through a wide range of emotion and then you know that the person you’re supposed to be with is that person. In real life you go through a wide range of emotions and you can get tortured for two, three, four years.

Anyway, the real issue of this whole thing is, I just don’t like movies with special effects. I’m just not a dude that way, never really liked “Transformers” or “Iron Man.” I don’t like 10 minute fight scenes in my movies, it’s just not who I am.

So what’s your favorite summer movie of all time? Which one creates the most amount of memory for you? Except “Jaws.” This poll doesn’t include “Jaws,” and for you younger generation that looks at the special effects in “Jaws” and think it’s bad, I say it’s imagination. So share with us today what your favorite summertime movie is.