I was working out today with Eddie, my trainer.

He said, “I got a great quote the other day from my brother that reminded me of what you teach.”

I said, “what’s the quote?”

He said:

“Being comfortable doesn’t equal happiness.”

I thought about that.

It’s so true.  Being comfortable doesn’t mean you are happy.

Earlier this year a friend of mine said to me, “you’ve got such a great life. You should be happier.”

I thought to myself, I’m comfortable, but I’m not really happy in this moment.

When other people look at you and see how comfortable you are, maybe that’s their version of happiness. But in reality, happiness has nothing to do with comfort. Happiness comes from a daily practice of loving your life.

Now granted, every single day is not going to be roses. We all know that. Shit happens, things come up.

The dog runs away.

The kid gets into a fight at school.

Your relationship is on the outs. Whatever.

But happiness is a choice, and that’s the path that a lot of people need to look at.

I have a very comfortable life. But I’m not glowing like I want from day to day.comfort

I’m happy the majority of the time. But when I’m not happy I don’t look at myself and say, well, “God, I’ve got such a great life, I should be happy all the time.” That to me is comfortable. I didn’t become successful by being comfortable.

I didn’t think outside the box and do things that were different by being comfortable. To me, comfort, as much as I love it, tends to make me lazy.

I need things to motivate me on a daily basis. Whenever I get too comfortable my life tends to get a little too mundane. And if it gets mundane I get bored and antsy.

I like pushing myself. Lately I’ve been pushing myself to do more creative things. I’ve got a neat idea for a website, that’s something I’m pretty passionate about. It’s got nothing to do with selling products or giving advice or anything. It has to do with a very creative outlet that I’ve been pursuing which I’ll show you in a bit.

I am constantly working out to reshape my body. That’s not fun doing that. I’ve been in great shape forever, and I can get real comfortable with the way I am. But it’s not pushing myself, and I like pushing the boundaries.

I do this in all aspects of my life. The minute I stop pushing myself, I realize I’m getting too comfortable.

So today, I want you to answer this question.

When you’re super comfortable, does that equate to happiness for you? Or are you more comfortable with the discomfort of pushing yourself every day?