Entertain Kids By David Wygant

Hey Slava, this post is for you!

I will have more podcasts from London tomorrow.

My internet is not working from my room.

I had to change rooms due to the screaming baby that blessed me with its lungs in the room next door.

The bootcamp is over and it was amazing!!

What a great group of guys and everyone really bonded and had amazing breakthroughs.

Onto todays post!

Do you want to know if you are interesting or not? Do you want to know if you can flirt or not? Do you want to know if women will find you engaging? Do you want to practice your story telling?

Talk to a four-year-old kid. Walk up to parents with their children and start talking to the kid. If the kid looks up to you with a big smile, very engaged and everything else, then it means that you are interested, you are animated.

Kids work completely off of body language. Your body language, your smile, your voice tone – if you talk to a kid in a monotone voice with bad delivery, what happens? The kid gets bored.

Kids have ADD, and if you think about it – most people have ADD because they are always thinking about something that is going on. They are thinking about something else, something that they’re doing – their work, an email they need to write, etc.

The thing that you need to realize is that when you start talking to children, and you are able to engage that kid and he’s having fun, that means that you’re being what? Playful!

Women want you to become playful. So you have to start talking to everybody. Talk to little kids, become playful, and learn how to tell stories. Literally, if you read Dr. Suess, and tell a Dr. Suess story, what happens? All of a sudden, every story becomes like Dr. Suess.

Oh but please don’t take me literally, you do not want to rhyme everything…..its all about having fun and letting go.