boldness and confidenceThere’s an old saying, I’m sure you’ve heard:

Fortune favors the bold.

I forgot who said it (think it was Virgil), but you need to hear what it’s saying to you. Right now. It’s telling you… when you lose your fear, and do something out of your comfort zone, great things happen. It’s 2015 already. Time is slipping past us. Faster every year.  I want 2015 to be a bold year for all of you. I know right now you might be doing a cleanse.  A friend of mine is doing an 11 day no alcohol cleanse. Great, but on day 12 he’s still an alcoholic.

I want you to be able to put something in your brain that’s going to make your life bold.  Bold is a four letter word. So is love.  And these four letter words are going to intertwine and meet all year. Here are three ways to be bold in 2015.

Act On An Attraction

If you see a guy you think is cute, hot, whatever. Do something. Say something. At least put down your phone and smile. A friend of mine was out with her friends. So she thought about my words, what I said to her.

Be bold. Be daring.  And realize love can happen in any way, shape or form.”

She was sitting outside at a café with friends and this great looking guy kept looking at her. But he was in a business meeting. Their eyes met. It was intense. Primal. Carnal. She looked again, and he was looking back. She knew she couldn’t leave without doing something to make sure she would see him again.

When it came time to leave, he was still deep into is meeting so she walked right over to him and asked him for a pen. Then she wrote her number on a napkin and walked out. Later that night he texted her and said that was a bold move, and that he was going to take her out. Be bold. Be daring. Flip a phone number to a guy just for the sake of it.

Get used to the habit of slipping your phone number in with a cute little note.  I don’t know if you’re on a date or not, but I thought you were cute.  Be bold.  Be daring.

Don’t Get So Caught Up In a Story And The “What If’s”

In order to be bold and to find love in 2015 you need to literally start changing your story.  You don’t ever want to live in the what-ifs. Who cares if you look like a fool? Have fun. You only live once. You might as well have a story or two for when you’re older. Also, cut loose your dead weight relationships. If you’re in a relationship that’s no longer working, you don’t want to what-if it.  You want to have a bold 2015.  You want to be free. I strongly suggest you cut loose every dead end you have.

So in order to be bold and daring, and have an amazing year full of love, you need to get rid of relationships that no longer suit you. They aren’t going to work out.  So if you’re dating somebody right now and it’s not working, it’s time to start 2015 with a clear slate.  Be bold, be daring.  Tell them how you feel.  Tell them what you need in a relationship, and if they don’t respond, walk.

Lose Your Fear

When you’re out there dating, don’t be afraid to tell a man what your needs, wants and desires are. If you’re with somebody, and that person doesn’t resonate with you, or they’re not understanding you, then don’t waste time. Make a break for the door. I want you to feel bold, daring, and feel a spark with the man you’re with.  Stop wasting time on men that don’t deserve you.

You’re an amazing, beautiful woman. I’ve never met you before, but I already know that because you’re reading this article, and you want to join me in having a bold and daring, amazing 2015.