So for all of you who are really curious about my fantasy football draft, here’s how I did. I ended up taking L.T. and Gore with my first two picks. Not too bad considering I was drafting from the number eleven slot and, really, who among you does not think that L.T. has one more season left in the tank?

On to today’s blog. Have an amazing Labor Day weekend!

The other day something interesting happened. This probably happens every single day . . . on an elevator, in a restaurant and on the subway.

There seems to be a disease going around. I call the people with this disease “barrel inners and barrel outers.” The barrel inners are the people who, when you’re walking out of a restaurant or out of a subway train, have to get in before you get out (or vice versa).

They’ll actually physically push you as they do it too. I’ve been physically pushed in New York City by people wanting so badly to get on a train before the people exiting get off, that they push all the people trying to exit the train as they do it.

So the other day we were in an elevator on the way to an appointment, and there were some barrel outers behind us. It was amazing. When we get to our floor, we are standing in front of the elevator doors waiting for them to open when we feel this pushing from behind us.

These barrel outer women standing behind us apparently couldn’t wait to get out of the elevator or just wanted to get out ahead of us. So I turned around and told the barrel outer women that we were also getting off at that floor, but they didn’t care. Barrel outers will physically push and elbow their way ahead of you.

The barrel inners are just as bad though. After I had lunch recently, I was at the door to the restaurant on my way to leave when a whole group of barrel inners just started barreling right in the door. Did they think I was a doorman just waiting to hold the door to let them in? It’s amazing how many times you open the door to leave a place, and the barrel inners charge right in.  

I’m sure every single day you see your share of barrel inners and barrel outers. I’m sure some of you are notorious barrel inners and barrel outers.  

Have you ever been to Italy? They’re the worst in terms of being barrel inners and barrel outers. You could be the next one in line at a museum to pay, and the next thing you know there will be ten Italians all around you in a circle. You think, “Did I just inherit some big Italian family? Sure…get right in!”

That’s it for the barrels. I wondered where they got that song “Roll Out The Barrel…” In today’s video, find out how to be the opposite of barrel inners and outers — someone who women WANT to be around all the time…