podcast-icon1Yes my friends, that is the question of the day!

When you approach women, do you show up as Captain Obvious?

Who is Captain Obvious, and what the hell am I talking about?

Well, in today’s podcast, I’m going to introduce you to Captain Obvious and his friends, Mr. Small Talk, and Mr. Compliment. All three of these men have something in common. That’s right, they all suck at approaching women!

In fact, these guys flat out turn women off, and make them feel uncomfortable. Here’s how it normally goes…

You see a woman you’re attracted to. You still have a little approach anxiety, but you’re working on your approaches, and you can at least get over and start talking to her. You heard all about how using observations are a great way to open conversations with women, but you’ve taken it literally. Now you come out with the dumbest, most boring, and random openers you possibly can. It’s pouring with rain outside, and as you’re standing under the shop doorway trying to keep dry, you say to the stunning brunette next to you, “Boy it’s wet out there today isn’t it?”

Ummm, yes…the monsoon she’s sheltering from kind of gave it away!

When women meet a man, they want to feel something. They want you to inspire them. They want you to give them that magical moment they can remember forever. Commenting on something obvious doesn’t make you stand out. It makes you look like you have no idea how to communicate with women.

I see this kind of thing everywhere I go. I was in a shoe shop the other day, and I saw a guy walk past this cute girl. As she stood up he said to her, “Shoe shopping huh?”

How did he think she was going to react?

Did he think this girl was going to suddenly pull out her iPhone and put his number on it?

She’s in a shoe shop looking at shoes. What do you think she’s doing?

Think outside the box guys. If she’s looking at shoes, ask her, “Are you a heels girl or do you prefer flats? Some of the heels in the shop are nuts! I’d love to see someone running for a cab in them!”

Random example, but what I’m saying is, come up with something that isn’t obvious. Be goofy. Make fun of yourself. Call them out. Do something that’s different to the same old thing they’ve heard a dozen times already that day. In the podcast below, you’ll hear myself and coach Gregg, talking about how to avoid obvious openers that make you look stupid. We also talk about the right way to compliment a woman, and reveal the BIG compliment mistake guys make, and it’s an instant turn off for women.