People ask me that all the time how they can live an attractive lifestyle. They want to know how to become that person other people want to get to know. They want to know how to walk into a room (or anywhere else) and command attention.

My answer? It’s really easy.

For one thing, walk into every place you enter as if you own the place. Don’t run or rush into the room. Don’t immediately go to the part of the room that is your “destination.”

Look around. Start acknowledging people.

Have you ever watched someone who is running for President? As they walk through any room, they look at every single person. They shake people’s hands.

So when you walk in a room, you need to walk up to all the people you know first, shake their hands with a hello or give them a big hug, and then talk to them and bond with them. What happens when you do this is that other people (especially women) will look at you and wonder who you are. They will wonder who this person is who is commanding so much attention from other people.

They will wonder about you because everyone is attracted to that person who commands attention from everyone else. You can do this anywhere; it’s not just for when you’re walking into a bar or a party.

You can do this at the supermarket by getting to know the person who chops the meet, by getting to know the person who runs produce, and by getting to know the person behind the cash register. Right there you have three people now that you can basically smile at, talk to and with whom you can laugh. You have three people with whom you can lead that attractive lifestyle.

So the next time you’re heading to the supermarket and you’re dreading going there and talking to people, you can go there and just talk to those people there you already know. When you do that, then all of a sudden other people notice it and will immediately wonder who you are.

They will wonder who this person is who is commanding so much respect and attention from everyone else? People will then start walking toward you and smiling at you. If you decide to converse with them, then they have already noticed you and are looking forward to their five minutes with you.

Something I tell people all the time is to always give everyone the best 30 seconds to one minute of you that you possible can before you walk away. Ask someone how they are doing. Listen intently and really take them in. Then the next time they see you, you will be able to have a longer conversation.

Having an attractive lifestyle also means going out and doing things that you like to do. What do you enjoy doing? If you don’t enjoy being in a bar, you’re never going to be attractive in a bar.

If you enjoy going to a market and shopping, though, you are always going to know how to talk to someone there. You’re going to have an interest in things about that place and you will have things in common with people who go there.

Do you like film? Go to movie premieres. Talk to people about the movie — the theme or about the actors.

So make a list of the five things you most love to do, and do them with a passion. When you do that, you will be very attractive and create passion in others.