Hey, do you guys remember the blog about being the Master of Your Domain?

Where are your hands right now?  Have your hands gone down where they shouldn’t have gone?  Have your hands stroked what they didn’t need to stroke?

At the LA boot camp this weekend, Obi challenged all the guys to not jack off again, until they are in the presence of a woman.  Now one guy said, “Well wait a second, in the presence of a woman? Can I jack off in front of her, will that constitute sex?”

I determined that it is, as long as it’s in the presence of another woman, you’re perfectly fine.

So how are you guys doing in your quest?  I haven’t heard any updates at all about your non-masturbation quest.  And I know there are a couple of women in there also.

So who’s cheated on themselves yet?  Who’s done the self-pleasure?  Who couldn’t resist and had to go enjoy themselves over the weekend?  I need to know more.

Now the reason behind this is, according to Obi, who is the Uberman of Ubermen, he says that it’s going to build up all of your sexual power and you’ll be able to conquer the world.

Alright, well, to me, I think the reason why a lot of wars were done was because people stopped masturbating and having sex.  They were just angry and so they had to take it out on each other in some way, shape or form.

I think Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich look like they’ve either A, have not ever had sex, or B, have not masturbated in quite some time, because they look a little on the uptight side.

Then I’ve heard from medical doctors that men over the age of 40 who don’t clean the pipes two or three times a week, can get prostate cancer.

I don’t know.  Any doctors out there want to chime in on this subject matter?

So here’s the deal: how does this work for women?  Do women get more primal and sexual when they build up their sexual energy?

We’re onto something here.  I think that might actually be the truth.  For all you women that have not kick-started the vibrator of late and decided that you were going to be cool and not diddle the diddle—I really believe that you actually will unlock a lot of your sexual energy also.

Women, I think, actually can hold out less than a man can.  Women have remote-control little things that they can attach to themselves and stay stimulated ever-so-nicely throughout the entire day.

I’ve seen some vibrator collections and they actually don’t intimidate me—they scare the hell out of me! How the hell am I going to compete with that?

Now, women will always say. “Oh, you don’t ever need to compete with my vibrators.”

No kidding, I can’t.  My penis doesn’t vibrate at 1 million gyrations a second…

. . .

So where are all of you in this masturbation quest?  Are you still diddling the diddle or have all of you become Kings and Queens of your domain?

Tell me in the comments below.