What is the one thing that most people forget about when having sex? The one thing that you warned about time and time again?

How many times have you heard this from a friend: “I can’t believe my wife is pregnant again!” Really?! You can’t believe it? You’re actively having sex, she’s not using birth control, you’re using the pull-out method and you can’t believe that she’s actually pregnant again?

I hear this all the time from people. “I can’t believe my wife is pregnant again! What am I going to do?”

Well, it’s not what you can do now. It’s what you should have done to prevent it.

Here’s the bottom line. We’re adults. You know that when you stick your penis in a woman’s vagina, move around and ejaculate, that there’s a good chance she will get pregnant.

If you think you’re some kind of superhero called “Pull Out Man,” and you truly believe that no sperm will get inside her no matter how quickly you pull out, then you better start reading. There is something called pre-cum (or pre-ejaculate), and that little bit of pre-cum can go a long way toward cementing that you will have another child coming into the world.

There are plenty of methods of birth control. If you absolutely do not want another kid, then you can find another method of birth control that will work for you and your partner.

Go have a vasectomy if you’re a guy who doesn’t want any more kids and who doesn’t like wearing condoms. It’s quick and relatively painless. I also must say that it’s pretty much the best form of birth control out there.

Cant Wait To See How He Is Going To Breast Feed:)

When you have a vasectomy, your woman no longer has to take a birth control pill that can make her a hormonal mess and make her crazy at times. She doesn’t have to put in an IUD. She doesn’t have to use a diaphragm which, by the way, is pretty nasty. Have you ever seen a woman’s diaphragm spring back at you? She doesn’t have to use the sponge either. Best of all, you don’t have to wear condoms.

Guys, do you remember that Seinfeld episode about the sponge? It’s great. You can use it as birth control, and then a few minutes later you can clean the kitchen with it.

The bottom line here is this: If you don’t want another kid, then take the preventative measures necessary not to have one.

I personally believe there are too many people in the world already. I think every family should have only one kid.

Ooh, I know the debates are going to start with me making that declaration. David, what about brothers and sisters? Oh alright, maybe two should be the limit per family. They do that in Asia.

People who want six, eight, ten kids are just ridiculous. We’re running out of natural resources. Our oceans are full of polluted fish. We’re running out of things every single day, but yet people are very selfish and want families the size of the gigantic SUVs they drive.

This is not meant to be a blog about birth control as a whole. That is a whole other topic I can go off on another time.

If you are adamant about not having another kid, then stop acting like an idiot and take preventative measures. I’m so tired of people saying to me, “I can’t believe my wife is pregnant again!”

Really? You can’t believe that? You weren’t born yesterday. So grow up and realize it’s so easy to get someone pregnant, and just as easy to prevent someone from getting pregnant when you take precautions.