Have you ever approached someone and talked to them, and felt like they gave you a weird look when you did it? I think most of that is in your head.

You know, not too many people ever give that kind of weird look. They might give an indifferent look meaning they were not attracted to you or not really into talking to you, but that is fine.

Do you know how many times I walk up and talk to someone and they don’t want to talk to me, and then give me an indifferent look and walk away? It happens to everyone, and it’s no big deal.

Why? Because you do the same thing whether you realize it or not. If someone comes up and talks to you and you’re not in the mood to be talked to, you give that same look of indifference.

Am I Crazy Or Just Paranoid?

We do this to each other every day, but yet when you’re out trying to meet the opposite sex and it happens then you freak out. You act like it’s the end of the world, and it makes you never want to approach anyone ever again.

Sometimes you go and sit down near some people, and they walk away when you start to talk to them. They were not in the mood to talk, but yet you think to yourself, “Damn, that didn’t work!”

I’ve walked away from people at times when I wasn’t in the mood for conversation, and so have you. For whatever reason, it’s the wrong time or place to talk to those people. Don’t take it personally or as an insult.

If someone does that to you, just look at them and just say, “Enjoy your day!” Suddenly they’ll realize, “Hey that guy is kinda cool. We weren’t into talking to him, he acknowledged that fact, and he’s cool enough to realize we just were not in the mood to talk right now.”

You know what? Maybe you’ll talk to them another time. Stop taking life so personally.

People aren’t out to hurt you. They don’t know who you are and what you’re all about, so stop taking life so personally all the time. Start enjoying life a little bit.

So what if someone doesn’t want to talk to you. Who cares? It doesn’t matter. It is perfectly okay if someone doesn’t want to talk to you. It happens to me all the time, and I don’t ever care.

I don’t think twice about it, and I would never jump into my head about it and think, “Oh my God, life is over because a stranger didn’t want to talk to me. So now I’m going to crawl in a hole and die.”

I don’t think I’m going to die if that happens, I just keep moving forward. Remember, you do this to people too.