Are you that guy?

Do you know him?

You know, the uncle from Napoleon Dynamite. The guy that’s now living in a trailer who used to be the high school quarterback.

Are you that guy used to be a stud before getting married?

Then you’re Mr. Past Tense: The guy that 10 years ago had it all going on.

And you know what happened? He just lost it. And now he doesn’t know how to get it back.

Whenever he meets anybody, he always tells them, “I used to be somebody. I used to have mad game with women. I used to be able to meet women. I used to be able to do that.”

Then you look at him and you ask him, “Why can’t you do it now?”

And then he’d come up with a list of excuses. And overall—good excuses. But I’ve heard it 1,000 times, so I don’t need to listen because I know some of you are living the life as Mr. Past Tense, so I already know what your bullshit is all about.

Mr. Past Tense: You know I’ve got a quick match for you. It’s Ms. Past Tense, the woman that used to look real good, and she let herself go. She doesn’t understand why.

She’s the woman who had a great figure, but just had a bad relationship and began to eat too much. That’s Ms. Past Tense. She used to have incredible confidence, but she allowed some asshole to basically degrade her for five years, and now she just hasn’t been confident since.

Mr. Past Tense, meet Ms. Past Tense.

Here’s the deal: Finally stop looking at what you used to do, and think about what you want to be. Think about how to get there. Negotiate a new road map. Drop the “I used to be somebody” routine—it’s old, it’s boring, and nobody wants to hear it anymore.

So, Mr. Past Tense, this is your slap in the face. Wake up and realize that nobody wants to hear your bullshit anymore. Nobody cares about your story. All they care about is who you are now.

Focus on the positives and not on the past.

Kill off Mr. Past Tense and create Mr. Future Badass.