Do you go out at night and think to yourself, tonight is going to be the night that maybe something happens?

When I was out in Hawaii, Maui, we sat in this restaurant having dinner.

are you mr. maybeAcross from us was Mr. Maybe.

He was by himself, like he usually is, usually on a Saturday night.

He was sitting there trying to talk to the same type of girl that has probably been blowing him off for the last 30 years.

Now, I want you to realize, I give Mr. Maybe a lot of credit because a lot of guys won’t even go out and try and attempt this. At least he was out trying. But the fact is, he’s trying based on the premise of being Mr. Maybe.

When you don’t study how to interact with women, when you don’t really know what works, you’re really becoming Mr. Maybe.

Mr. Maybe Thinks Something Might Happen Without Changing Anything

A lot of guys go out and have this attitude. A lot of guys go out and do this version of Mr. Maybe because maybe you are constantly hoping and praying that something will happen. Your life is a series of maybes.

In order to get really good at connecting, you have to go out and learn a lot about communication skills.

As my friend and I were sitting at the table in Hawaii, the waitress came over and I immediately dove right into a conversation with her. Fifteen minutes later, she realized that she needed to take our order. Mr. Maybe was watching and wondering what we were doing.

We weren’t doing anything special. There was no secret seduction technique. It was really good old-fashioned curiosity and conversation.

But it’s a skill you learn.

Problem is, a lot of people don’t want to learn the skill. You’d rather go out and be Mr. Maybe. You’d rather go out on a Friday or Saturday night and hope and pray that maybe tonight something is going to happen that’s never happened before.

And that’s what Mr. Maybe is all about. You think to yourself, maybe tonight I’m going to go out, maybe tonight I’m going to meet somebody, maybe tonight I’m going to meet the girl that I’ve always wanted to meet. But the thing is, you haven’t worked on your skills.

You Need to Build and Improve Your Skills

Do you think Tom Brady wakes up on a Sunday morning and thinks, maybe today’s going to be the day that we win?

Well, if Tom Brady said that, he’d actually be a New York Jet.

Because it seems like the New York Jets.

The Detroit Lions.

The Chicago Cubs.

All franchises that think maybe this is going to be the year they actually do something.

In life, it’s all about confidence. It’s all about believing in yourself. It’s all about having the skills and not acting like Mr. Maybe.

Honestly, right now, how many of you are Mr. Maybes?

Be honest right now. Be honest with me. Be honest with yourself right now. How many of you go out and hope and pray that maybe tonight is going to be the night that you have a great night?

If you want to really have a life of meeting great women, you’ve got to work on your social skills. You’ve got to work on your communication skills. You can’t be Mr. Maybe anymore; you have to be Mr. Definitive. Women are attracted to Mr. Definitive, not Mr. Maybe who tenuously says the same type of things over and over again and expects a different result.

Become Mr. Confident

You know who Mr. Maybe’s brother is? Mr. Insanity.

You see, you’re probably a Gemini. One half of you is Mr. Maybe and the other half of you Mr. Insanity.

And the two of you consistently go out together, over and over again, thinking something different is going to happen. Your twin brother, Mr. Maybe, thinks tonight is going to be the night that things are going to be different.

While your other twin brother, Mr. Insanity, says, “Well yeah, I mean, we go the same places over and over again, but maybe this time something will happen.” Do you see the parallel here? Do you see the relationship between Mr. Insanity and Mr. Maybe?

It’s time to change things. It’s time you dusted off the Learning How to Communicate with Women programs and started listening.

Maybe consider some coaching from somebody who’s Mr. Definitive, which is myself. I never go out seeing Mr. Maybe or Mr. Indecisive, another cousin of Mr. Insanity and Mr. Maybe.

I’m always very Mr. Decisive.

I see a woman, I look at her, I talk to her, I know she’s going to talk to me, and it’s all on. Whether or not it works, whether or not we go out again, it doesn’t matter. I get an opportunity every single day to go out and communicate with anybody that I want. How would you like that?

How would you like to get rid of Mr. Insanity, Mr. Maybe, and Mr. Indecisive?

Get rid of that dysfunctional family you’re operating under and become Mr. Confident.

Mr. Decisive.

It’s a much better way to live and the opportunity is all yours. We live in a world now where we can be whatever we want, choose to do whatever we want. So, it’s time you got off this fucking Gemini whirl of Mr. Maybe and Mr. Fucking Indecisive and Mr. Insanity. The Gemini triplets who’ve been calling.

Come join the party over here, man; plenty of room for you.