Are you living in this Looney-Toon cartoon called “The Adventures of Mr. Assumption.”

Or we could call it “The Perils of Mr. Assumption.”

Mr. Assumption is a cartoon character that’s always getting into a jam.

It’s never a real jam, it’s an assumed jam.

Let me explain and you can see if you are living the world of being “Mr. Assumption.”

You meet a girl.

You start talking to her.

Then you don’t ask her out because you assume she has a boyfriend. She never told you she has a boyfriend. She used the term ‘we’ one time, but you also met her while talking to her and her dog.

You assume she’s got a boyfriend, but in reality the “we” is her and her dog.

You text a girl and she doesn’t get back to you immediately.

You assume many things.

You assume she’s not interested.

You assume that she doesn’t want to go out with you.

You start creating a story about what she’s doing.

You look back at the texts she sent you before and you start thinking about the time it takes for her to text you back.

You’re assuming a lot. The fact of the matter is, all you’re doing is assuming a story.

The story you’re creating you are making up in your brain.

It’ll drive you crazy being Mr. Assumption.

Someone doesn’t text you back, you have no idea why.

They’re busy.

Who cares?!

Whatever time it takes for them to text you back, just is. There’s no answer, stop playing Mr. Assumption (and his cousin ‘Mr. Speculation’).

This is such a negative way to think. As a matter of fact, it’s a sad way of thinking because you’re creating a story based on absolutely no information.

Then by the time you actually talk to this person, there’s a sense of relief. They call or text back, phew. But then you go into ‘Mr. Insecure’ mode when she doesn’t send back a powerful text because you already have assumed the worst and you don’t buy her real answer.

If I assume things or I speculate, I would be wasting my time giving dating advice. As a matter of fact, you’d never hear from me.

I wouldn’t know that Seattle should’ve won the Super Bowl last year.

I wouldn’t know when the stock market crashed.

And because I’m Mr. Assumption and Mr. Speculation, I will know who’s going to win the 2016 Presidential Campaign and I’m going to make a shit load of money.

That’s not an insulting jab at you, it’s an eye opening jab at you. Stop assuming.

If you want to know what someone thinks, just wait because in dating and life and romance, Mr. Assumption and Mr. Speculation, always end up losing to Mr. Patient.

You see, Mr. Patient always gets the girl.  Mr. Patient doesn’t really care what the answer is as long as an answer comes in.  Mr. Patient is not afraid to be Mr. Communicator and ask questions. Mr. Communicator becomes Mr. Listener.

Mr. Listener listens to the answer, and then he becomes Mr. Communicator.

Mr. Listener doesn’t allow Mr. Speculator or Mr. Assumption to take over.

Do you get my point?  Be patient when it comes to dating.